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Twenty sixteen all the way to the end of the internet it was the first day of the year that was to scramble scramble an already agitated nation along the invisible pathways in the collective mind of the virtual tabernacle of the World Wide Web Ammon Bundy cap cowboy profit in Facebook hero of liberty was calling his people to the desert soon his friends and what they call the patriot movement we're all hitting play activating his familiar face and sitting back in the glow of their screens is Ammon filled their hearts with urgent feeling it was time Ammon was saying for what he called a hard stand there's been some confusion about what he meant in previous communiques he receives some push back and sat down now on the eve of calamity in front of the camera to try and clear things up he's at his desk in a cowboy hat he won't wouldn't appear in public much again without one until his arrest weeks later on mountain road in the snow and pines organs hard luck National Forest is wearing a checkered western shirt and sporting what was for him a new neatly trimmed growth of beard further softening his visage but even with the beard Ammon Bundy couldn't help seeming what he was a latter day Saint clean cut to the core the strongest word I or anyone I know is it hurting you is is creep or hell for once in an evident in it with evident discomfort and while making it clear he was quoting someone else course S. word before being summoned to the desert by Oregon or his of Oregon by his god that fall he'd been enjoying making apple pies for his Idaho neighbors using apples from his new orchard and delivering the pies himself but the choir ideal of that what home was already long over this was to be his last video address who is online community before leading the very next day an armed a takeover of organs melhor National Wildlife Refuge G. refuge macbook air laptop is open on his desk its icon doing it's quiet intrepid work to place all our American lives and dreams even those of right wing holy insurrection under its sign when her light comes through the blinds on the windows behind him in the video which he title dear friends and explains how it was god who would do guided him to Oregon two months earlier your news the plight of two Harney county ranchers a father and son Dwight and Steve Allen mandatory federal sentencing guidelines are about to send the Hammons back to prison for arson charges stemming from fires on public lands charges for which they already served time others including his own father had been urging him to look into the story like the Hammons Ammons father Cliven was also a rancher the money family had achieved a national profile for the draft dramatic culmination of their twenty odd years struggle with federal authorities over their grazing rights on Mojave Desert lands in southern Nevada that conflict to come to a head in April twenty fourteen in a remarkable event an arms stand off with federal agents that had resulted shockingly in a seeming victory for the bonding Bundy clan this stand off in the family's ongoing struggle with the aftermath of their life changing actions had felt like enough to Ammon who had recently moved far from southern about it to a new home with his wife and six children in the sagebrush of southern Idaho on the far northern end of Mormon country on the outskirts of Boise he himself was not even a rancher anymore had not been for years he ran a trucking fleet maintenance business still headquartered in Arizona as it turned out even that moved to Idaho would come to seem to Ammon a part of god's larger plan for himself his friends are a county and America there's been something a little strange about the movie even at the time his wife Lisa had held a strong simultaneous urge to relocate it but a feeling they had descended as if from nowhere they couldn't understand it entirely but they've followed it anyway and headed out the spring a twenty fifteen traveling about the intermountain west looking at houses nothing had been quite right but then on the very last day of their trip they come to this very last house in a beautiful valley in Emmett Idaho and had known instantly that this their place it was one of many decisions eman would be guided to that year that guidance to Ammons mind had all been providential how else to explain that he did that ended up moving to within three hours of remote Harney county Oregon where the whole Hammond story which he had known nothing about at that time had taken place and now here he was just a few months later barely settled into his new home asking his online community to join him in Oregon to take a moment to stand a stand so big he said that nothing less than the future of American freedom might be at stake after the move to Idaho is next big revelation had come late one Monday evening on November twenty fifteen on January first seated in front of his camera he told the tale of that night to his online followers line and better his family's new home tired after a long day it received a message on his phone a link to yet another article about the Hammonds in the past he shrugged off messages about the case I felt that our family was fighting hard enough you explained we do need to go find somebody else's battles but this time something was different and urge quickly took possession of him a sudden impulse to learn all he could about his family about this family student hamon family he search the internet read everything you could find about the case unable to sleep he read on into the dawn the book is Shadowlands by Anthony McCain foreign this is the Thom Hartmann program welcome back to the second hour of our program.

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