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Yeah i can see that i think i can see you getting more because we want to about why watch is that you get a lot of texturing gatien dot in like hyphenated words to the nealon nation has like even the system stuff so if you can stretch out a little bit in the same form factor again you know physically the casing that's awesome and if you use it at my watch and you try and use a circular face so you're you've got the our buddy of the watch you then cropping in for the zo and then you're inscribing asako into that rectangle the circle is very small i can't use any of the the analog faces just because the so who gets to small like the the rectangular analog digital faces have more room to actually lay out content if you're going to put hands around this like circle on it very small one if you could make fifty percent bigger i be so into yeah me too i mean another thing so we saw some mockups like people did just as like taking it like riffing off the news if you make the if you make the box that is the display curve like the iphone is curved even that'll be a neat effect like just like anything is not a black background like if you open up a photo or you've been up a map where like it's colorful and you see the white background or the letter color backgrounds and you see what we're the screen is defined like if you use a photo as your watch face then you see what the screens defined this is where that that makes a big impact when you when you expand the screen you curve the corners so it isn't like old style boxy iphones it's more like the knife on ten.

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