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Up and getting pretty crowded on the roads as well for thirteen traffic and weather together we started with Mike in the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is right now like the outlawry I'm seeing a lot of familiar delays as we work our way through the afternoon rush here the mass pike westbound is crawling out past Newton corner and again from one twenty eight out to the state police barracks he's pounds okay for now up to the north one twenty eight north not so bad it's sluggish from when street up has ninety three southbound you'll be on the brakes from a a triple row down past winners street and overhead ninety three we've got them all for insurance copter says pretty clogged up leaving town here at ninety three northbound that starts back to the upper deck factor in the thick of bridge going to be about in the summer religion Bedford up past Roosevelt circle and then after that the delays are more sporadic but they're still delays heading up for commerce way up and over to the bar for a insurance three north bound we're looking at thirty minutes from one twenty eight up to four ninety five down down the Tobin bridge I'll bounce back on to the loo branch store drive back the Longfellow bridge the lower decks okay look at the back of start on this a Cambridge and then the expressway south crawling out of the o'neill tunnel the South Bay and from Squantum street to the Braintree split my king WBZ's traffic on the threes we have the winter weather advisory in effect starting at ten o'clock tonight lasting through five AM Wednesday they're now looking at two to four inches of snow where southern Bristol now southern Plymouth Barnstable county is due to Nantucket counties expect some pretty slippery roads tomorrow morning if you're driving into town on north and wash and see as much but again this is a winter weather advisory south of Boston south of the pike as well be sure to tune in to WBZ newsradio first thing tomorrow morning for the latest on the snow and slippery commute the forecast is brought to this time by when the world in Boston they have the money saving resolution you need this year to beautify your home and save big on your.

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