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Hello there. Welcome into the show. The holiday season may be gone. Football's at festive fixtures, keep on keeping all they. Seems a long time ago agent. Haley was shack his and Craig Burley in the studio mock out to joining us today from Manchester. He's outside the stadium ahead of the city livable game. Tomorrow also Mungo be weighing in on the Christian pulisic transfer news launched to get into that. Let's start with his future employers. Chelsea held nil nil by Southampton today at home result that does know famous once so ever the remain in full place at mentioned United the winners on the day. We'll talk about them later on his well getting the job done a Newcastle. But as far as Chelsea concern Craig disappointment, only eleven goals in ten primarily games for them now and again, slipping at home this Wagle hearts earlier in the season with a slick passing game and Cianci's for fun even with with with the struggle in front line, but still managing to overcome as as well and truly gone Murata plate today. Because there was no Jerusha. He was he was pretty awful again. I mean, he missed a couple of ego school at one off site just for change. Because he always get himself a head of the the ball there and then integrate China foster from a header which should have been his bread and butter from around dependent sport, which wasn't a difficult to keep resolve these lying. It was a simple head to head over. You would think and he completely fluffed these lines or the big concern for Chelsea the chasing park. Ostlund? Not the side the results up and no you native ready Marino vista to get results. Chelsea's place in the Champions League. Nick season is going to come under pressure. And all this Shankar against Southampton cited mayday changes they left the taking or show you you would think or who but creditors hunting and the changes that were made. I thought they went their business. Very well, indeed, the did the basics as you would expect as you would hoop team at this level to do the cheese the challenge, and they made things difficult for Chelsea no Craig's book above Morales on the line fluff their lines yet again, it just seems as if doesn't be b this chessy team right now. Not quite sure. Who's getting the goal is for you? It wasn't Conti on the weekend. I'm not sure. How much you can rely on him? But but credits I thought they were good value for their point, Mr. Haase, and helpful to rabbit hutch pulling pulling rabbit out of the hat with that teams. Chelsea Craig how concerned would you be as Chelsea fan right now you joke about salary bowl? They have gone off the boil in terms of what clearly got guys are good coats experienced coach, but Pete will get carried away as the normal star season full three away. Sorry places. If this was something new that just come along. The problem has passed. As a mentioned Chelsea would take a year the league which have but I don't think Abramovich took in the owner to have a second year. No and the Champions League with the big boys know what they do that's transfer window. Do they go in? Let's talk Igwe in. But it it'll be pricey wages lawn fees. Your name did a panic and go for something short term or the tight to the summer. And then try and get the money. Marito salary and the Chelsea bald. They've got enough to get them through to the end of the year to stay not taught four on isn't it you almost think they can do with an attacking midfield right now. Chelsea though, making a big splash today. We'll go out to Mark to now because the transfer of Christian pulisic, the American twenty year old has been confirmed from Borussia Dortmund, Mark you've been all over this story wrote a column on ESPN FC about a deal. It's been a long time in the making right?.

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