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So to speak. What concerns you about Georgia? If anything they have to find some pass rushers. You know, we'll see if the Juku guide Germain Johnson or Nolan's who I think was the number two defensive end in the country. If those guys can can help them come up with a pass rush that didn't have one at much at all last season. They gotta replace the Andre Baker. The Jim Thorpe award winner that the left cornerback slot. I think they're pretty good and the interior defensive line. I think they're very athletic at linebacker. You know offensively. If lug some guys in receiver, but they had a pretty deep core last year, they lost hardman Godwin and Ridley and they gotta find a number two tailback beyond the Andrea swift. But you know, they got Jake Frahm coming back. They've got what could be the best offensive line in the country. And other than clips and ball there like the only team in the country last couple of years that has pruning of those those balance. Yeah. Speaking of Bama, I mean, just this when you think maybe the Bama dynasty is ending because of a terrible twenty eight point law. So they have yet another great recruiting class. I mean, it's a coaching carousel. But does any of that matter? It didn't seem to matter much last season. Untold one game gave us Pau room for pause. What about you Mark where where are you on Bama other than thinking that they're back in the mix again? Yeah. I mean, full disclosure, Paul. We had bam on number one until they got boat race by Clemson in the championship game. And you know, you talk about the turnover, and I and I think that kind of what his moved Clinton past Alabama at this point is just Davalos ability to keep assistant coach is there to keep his coordinators on staff and to keep guy. From leaving Nick Sabin lost one. I think he's gonna lose thirteen assistant coaches over the past two seasons. But last year he lost six guys both coordinators and plugged in guys and one fourteen games and got to the national championship game. Again, you know to I think was banged up at the end of the year, not an excuse. But I think his injuries caught up with him in the SEC championship game against Clemson. They're still loaded at wide receiver. They still have tailback stacked up like cordwood. They still have a great offensive line. They gotta get better on defense. I don't think that was typical family defense last year. I think there were some issues with the play calling and the more we've been told pre Golding took over early in the season and some talk to the police. So you know, we'll see what happens now they saving brought back guys. He's comfortable with and familiar with. You know after going with some younger recruiters, and I think it's more of of a saving like staff was coming there. Let me ask you about Steve Circasian because you know, he he was there he left. I mean, the past has past is pretty pretty grim to look at when when you when you when you zero in on what happened to him both at at SE and then walking out after one game at Alabama. You're maybe a little closer to his experience in Atlanta should should Bama fans. Feel good about what he brings to the table. Record as a play Kohler at Washington. And then you see as an offensive play caller. You know, the falcons, you know. Wasn't great. But you know, he was. But I'll Bama for what to a week as a play call pretty much one game..

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