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First ever play in tournament their only hope now. For a playoff spot. Patriots 2021 schedules out They'll begin by hosting the Dolphin Sunday, September 12th Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news radio, 7 43. It's been a interesting one on the roadways this morning to say the least, basement technologies. Now with a look at the Subaru Retailers of New England, all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie, what's going on? Oh, my goodness Gracious. It continues to be a tough ride, especially getting through the Sumner tunnel Right now. We gotta crash halfway through the tunnel there, followed by a rightly and break down at the end of the tube. So you gotta watch out for delays. Their route one a south on approaching the Sumner Tunnel also 93 south and they have cleared that crash We had at Mystic Avenue Trafficking continues to be tough, though, from spot pond and stone him. Right to that point closer into Boston. Now we're seeing some heavier volume once again on the lever connector and the lower deck because all that traffic was caught up behind the crash and is now surging forward into Boston. Let's check out the downtown now with Krista Neck and the WBC news radio traffic copter. Don't worry. We're over the expressway here and things air heavy on the north bound side, starting back around Furnace Brook Parkway. You're gonna be in that a good deal of the way up toward Columbia Road before you bust out of that south and we've got delays now getting through the lane. Drop it seven Hill. That's where the left lane goes away to become the H O V lane for the folks in the north outside. So stay to the right getting through that. Kristen, aka the WBC news, radio, traffic copter, Tobin Heavy and slow Carter Street to the effort of on rap Now the pike. They cleared that crash. All lanes are open. It was right by Route nine on the eastbound side and framing him there, but traffic continues to try to get back up to speed approaching Route nine. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on.

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