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Frank langfitt welcome to the show right great to be your linda. I was so excited when i heard that you wanted to do this. for anybody. Who is not familiar with ted last. I'll i'll just say it is the story of american football coach. Ted lasso. who gets a job coaching richmond. Which is an english soccer team. Or you know football team for more basics. You can listen to our previous episode about season wine. We covered the show back in november of last year. Season to find. Ted played by. Jason davis confronted by a lot of his own insecurities after the arrival of a therapist named dr sharon fieldstone played by sarah niles. He's still surrounded by assistant coaches nathan and beard team owner rebecca. And her right. Hand higgins young star jimmy tart retired player roy kent and his girlfriend kiely who works for the team in marketing and a big ensemble of young players. Frank i have to ask you. You are an american working in the uk. Just like ted. How do you think the show captures that experience. I think it's what i love about. Ted was he was just sort of this extreme version almost of an english persons worst nightmare of an american. You know un- unbelievably friendly in a way that was just totally contextual inappropriate. You know so optimistic full of these aphorisms and he's really sort of a stereotype particularly in american in london. So i was. I immediately was interested in the show and just wanted to see it. Sorta from the for the cross cultural references and to see how we got on. And how the this entire you know. English cast got along with him. Yeah you were kind enough to go out in london to the pub. This is the pub where the show is shot right. This is the the pub in the show. it is yeah and you spoke to some locals about ten lasso. Yeah i was talking to him in name just mccrory. She works for an american company in london. And i said you know do you. In any way relate to kind of the culture clash when ted shows up and she said absolutely and a lot of it was americans being so effusive And this is how she put it when we were chatting in the pub the pricing when someone says something good we don't really want to praise them up but move on but i find it american culture. It's let's keep harping on about how we did. Give.

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