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Dot com. It really is good versus evil. The this is far beyond policy disputes. I said this all week infanticide. I mean, we go back to bed Rourke and Democrats who are not willing to back down from defending a baby born alive being killed. If the mother and the and the doctor choose to what country we living in. What is what is the world's happening here? And the story of the the death of this sheriff's deputy yesterday or this week rather in Washington state happened the day before yesterday is horrifying enough. Forty two year old sheriff's deputy. They haven't had a police fatality in ninety two years in this rural county. Kittitas county in Seattle. The suspect was identified as an illegal Juan Manuel Florez del Toro Mexican city citizen. Who originally entered the country in two thousand fourteen he entered on a temporary agricultural worker visa, he was never documented leaving the country indicated he stayed in the country passed his visa, and of course, his visa expired, and he didn't return to Mexico through a port of entry like he's required to do. So by law. I want you to hear this report from KOMO television about the the murder of this sheriff's deputy who was essentially ambushed was some kind of a road rage case, they stopped this guy. He put them on a he led them on a high speed chase. And then he came out guns. Blazing killed the one sheriff's deputy injured another one shooting him in the leg. The illegal. Incidentally was shot and killed during the gunfight. But I want you to hear about thirty seconds into this report from KOMO reporter in Seattle, but thirty seconds in you hear a college student, a young female college student, and she wants to know why we have to focus on the fact that the illegal killed the sheriff's deputy 'cause you know, murders murder it should just be reported as a murder listen carefully to what she says in. This report about the the nature of the c the cop killer in Washington DC state in Washington state here it is a show of respect across the schoolyard fence for the sacrifice of deputy. Ryan thompson. The kind of respect Mark stripe says is lacking when immigration laws are broken. We gotta have immigration,.

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