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Yeah and is there a medical condition part of the thing out is there that part you know he was blind he got blind they're gonna stay i hearken back to this case because it was so similar now susan mcdougal when she was in contempt and was in custody one of the things we did before we ever went to either trial did to jury trials with her and she was acquitted in both but before that we got her out of custody because we said we put on hearing that the department that the the bureau prisons could nat deal with her scoliosis condition i put a i put a neuro on i did some other testimony and the judge ruled that they couldn't deal with her medical condition so that's certainly within the parameters of what you would argue that you don't wanna put this person in custody because he the the the system can't deal with his ailments it's kind of a first cousin of the argument that i make a lot about the california prison system we've got we've got an aging population that is you can't believe the amount of money we spend on healthcare in the prison system for guys who are never going to re offend because as their aging you spend more money trying to deal with all of their ailments as they get into their sixty seventies and eighties than you would ever do if you just throw them out and told him okay go back and let your family deal with you i got a note from dr drew saying that i was allergic to black and hispanic people and so at least in california i never have to worry about going and and dr drew i'm sure wants you to publish that hate well he told me not to say anything but yours fr friend i grew up with i'm going to be at the gore theater in cleveland ohio coming up may seventeenth and then at the royal oak music theater and that'll be outside of detroit that's coming up on seventeenth eighteenth may one man show live stand up there's live standup everywhere just go down kurla dot com the big podcast was shack you should know about talk basketball but he'll talk movies talk tv and talk about everything what's happening own life even a little goss.

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