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Actor Danny I yellow has died falling from the death of my mother he starred in the nineteen eighty seven movie moonstruck with share but it was his role as the owner of sal's pizzeria in spike Lee's do the right thing to years later that earned him an Oscar nomination for best Supporting Actor others on the wall your own pleasure to what you want in twenty fourteen I yellow spoke with CBS news about his autobiography he said he found it easier being someone else than being himself I have no idea who I am when I'm playing a character I know exactly what I'm going to say who I am where I came from and the life is a lot easier life that I am I was born in Manhattan and moved to the south Bronx seven years later his agent says he overcame incredible odds to become one of our great actors Danny I yellow was eighty six years old CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez I hazel park can harbor would use radio nine fifteen Hey W. W. E. news time eleven eleven the countdown is on for Christmas and many people still have not done their shopping due to financial woes comma Peters president and CEO of Michigan legacy credit union says no matter how many shopping days are left start with the budget if you know what you have to spend or what you want to spend on each person and then you make that way that will be your starting point and I think most people will find they actually spend less money over the holidays if they stick to the list and they stick to the by J. Peter says you can always plan a gift of service after the holiday if you've already exceeded your budget a former member of this nadir administration is going to work for the city of Detroit mayor Doug announced today Nick Corey will be the city's new group executive for jobs and the economy he will start January first in a statement Corey who was this a treasure when former governor Snyder was an office says he believes completely in the work the mayor is doing to bring jobs and opportunity back to the city getting a local labor peace agreement before getting a marijuana license it is the latest a lawmaker battle over pot in Michigan we get the story from WWJ Lansing bureau chief Tim's go back the word more administration says it is considering this rule but would link a license to sell or deliver marijuana to getting a local so called labor peace agreement with the local union the Republicans absolutely hate the idea end this chairman of a regulatory committee says it's really like the mob seeking protection money from the business owners so you think this is analogous to the mob offering you peace if you will give us money very nice business you got here the same something happened to it I believe that well it's easy I'd like to start a business here well you can't without signing these these labor agreements and drew Brees rose says that analogy to the mob simply does not fit he calls it a stretch reporting from Lexington creek W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty we'll check out sports coming up with Tony or tease in two minutes ready for the cozy as Christmas ever get told maybe for up to sixty percent off everything that's right the entire store is on sale including mix and match jingle Jimmy's infested prints for the whole family from eight Bucks an adult sweaters from twelve Bucks but hurry like the holidays this deal will last get up to sixty percent off the entire store.

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