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Oh yeah and last season also the season i think it was the season before last release of andrew pump wasn't gonna marry katie and tom because she was like no you guys aren't ready your relationship is very very bad you need to go fix it came in relationship to me i don't know what that's about they don't seem to like each other with the scar i don't think so i think it's mutual selfloathing i don't know what keeps them together because she so controlling and mean to him and he's so dispassionate in many ways and just sort of like i'm gonna do me and i'm going to keep drinking and katie's not gonna tell me what to do when i see him i heard a tissue like that just is full of mucus she's gonna say use to shrink like a used he's i think of that plastic bag and forrest gump i think if katy perry all of those things are true on her this episode right he kissed someone else and she was like this yes well i think so many of the young women on the show are so desperate to be married or to be permanently attached they're willing to tolerate anything let's get into she sheena shea memory shea it's all happening marie shay has the thing is there's an odyssey this sheena marisha she just wants to be famous and then which is the same thing and married to someone rich.

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