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Yeah like Another frequently referred to incident was where a woman named Pauline auden She jumped from. I think like the ninth or tenth floor to take her own life and Landed on a guy who was a passer-by who happened to be walking unluckily beneath the soil at that moment on the sidewalk and was struck by a pauline. They were both killed and Like the that doesn't usually happen very often. Like that's a pretty remarkable thing. And i know that that like the most i could find. I think eighteen incidents but it seems like those are just ones that have been documented. There seems to be quite a bit more There was a netflix series. I think four part series on this recently and they interviewed a woman who had spent ten years managing the seasonal And she said that Her name is amy price. She said that under her ten year tenure at least eighty people died that she knows of. And you can kind of imagine like like you know you could find newspaper write ups from like the twenties and thirties and forties when somebody jumps out a window indefinitely when somebody jumps out a window and lands on a hapless pedestrian. Like it's definitely going to be documented. Make news but if somebody on skid row overdoses in dies in this hotel you know is going to be documented. So it's possible that there are a lot more people who've died at the seoul Under a from unnatural causes Over the years than than just those seventeen or eighteen. Did you watch all of that documentary. No i haven't seen it actually yet have you. Yeah you know. I feel terrible because The director was is the great joe. Berlinger who actually had on movie crush One of my favorite episodes recounted just talked about documentary filmmaking easib legend he did the paradise lost series. He did that documentary on metallica. And they're all in therapy. Oh yeah Yeah i mean he's just he's just sort of the legend in the genre. The ted bundy tapes..

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