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That's it. I can't even think of another one answer is endless summer. Just kidding. Would have been sweet burn though. If that's what I did to you. Trey trait school's out. Dazed and confused. Okay. Think they're in session, but. Maybe not Scott. Could you repeat that. Schools. Out. Out. Could use it in sentence. School's out for summer. Some really cool. Great guests is all of you guys. You're definitely all here to play, but what's so unique piece of trivia about endless love the movie. No idea who who was in it who was first movie role was Tom Cruise. That's right. Scotto and Tom Cruise followed that up with a little something called taps school's out out. Yeah. Wow. What a horrible. Yeah. I mean it was it was out because the 'cause they took the whole the whole awesome. Yeah, schools done. Yeah. Here he is over. Yeah, like we're gonna kill some good movie, though. Great movie. Yeah. Yeah. When he goes on nuts in the wind. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So there you go taps. Where do we start there, Jeff, Jeff, you to go first on this next one? Yes, a wait. No, I thought we were on me. Now you failed. I mean, you you got you. Got your turn in the right order. No, I got it. Jeff. Trays me so mad. He doesn't go first. So this. Let me just make sure I'm reading this. Okay. Use your microphone. Voice duck. They grew up on the outside of society. They were looking for a fight. They were looking to belong. Jeff. True. True. Knows one finally. Oh my God to quit toy with me. It's the outsiders..

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