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Were able to inside all Friday for referrals here on this Mike was on like you gonna say like should I intro us and then a lot of interest at the same time and we have to double over that what is what ms that whenever there's a little pause mistakes the fix the kill so I think we're all set Eric here now for for back here for what's one thing I'd like to quickly say regarding a sharp in a health thing if you go back and I have a transcript of the whole thing Harbaugh talking at big ten media days talked for forty eight minutes and eighteen seconds who's counting okay is supposed to be our also who's counting by now his his quotes I sharpening talked about Sade being Ben Mason like in the weight room being a stalker you know really impressing Klay cuts inside he was the most impressive freshman so far and then when when Harbaugh's aspect dachshund hill and a lot can change between now and September or August thirty first but it's a little bit more of a muted they said it's it's been good you know he's learning how to bounce football in school he says it's hard that's not the wax poetic of they offer for shop in it just says something to throw out there as as a potential factor to consider okay sounds but I mean that's that's fair so always we always talk about those you know when a coach goes out of his way to gosh first is when he's asked about a certain player how much that that could matter tonight and tomorrow night at the inter county showcase Mike Stanley is performing he won it last comic still standing in Rochester New York I suppose the top three of Michigan's up and comers you she has performed at.

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