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Was like all right when when the producer was i what happened to your hair laid off the whole story. Yeah no. I'm sitting here fighting for a barber in here. It costs you sixty five dollars. Yes she tried to save more. Sometimes they said we don't know anyone or or is filed. I think the industry has come a long way and people have learned how to here. But there's still problems my girl teasha campbell. i remember. She was on martin her hair because they were finding out and was wrong. Had to get a wig. It's it's always a problem. I've had problems on sets where they're like. Wow they'll put some jalen it white look at our hot mess. Certain our hair textures different. You were also to speak up because you didn't want to be the angry. Listen are you didn't want to be the one you can say difficult black. What he i was like. Let's do this. I'm about to be the most difficult black woman you ever jam life any ear. I love until you've got the sense. Something because i do have friends that are in television. That are black. That have had the same problem. I feel like it's a fight that they are still continuing with and they tell them they're like oh. I just do my own hair. I just don't even bother. I don't even wanna mess with it. Because i don't want to be a headache. I don't wanna have to say now. This doesn't where he was. Hairstylists doesn't work and they just end up doing their own hair. And it. And i know this sounds like first world problems doing your own hair but it. It's a big deal whenever it's like your promised to get something done and as part of your contract and then they can't deliver because they don't have the skill because i don.

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