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To like i feel like she's very quick to be shit to the shea okay i just read it as a young girl who wants to play a game and isn't being helped regard it's just i mean you're right you're absolutely right but on the other hand you know she's had to learn some tough lessons and are maybe this is another attempt to just play girlish game because last season she was forced to be the backbone of the ladies of king's landing as they're waiting to be you know murdered and raped death by the invaders but i don't know it's like i i keep waiting for sans to like become more than what she is and it's hard to compare her to aria aria so likeable and she's like grabbing things by the straw f and trying to maybe no more ineffectually than than sands of at least he's trying yeah are is making her own way whereas sunday's just being led around and this is yet another scene of that i mean i'm not sure that i can put my finger exactly on little fingers motivations here but he's clearly he always i mean little finger always has an all tyrian motive right getting out is not simply because he likes and wants to see her lift an even anything else bind like i do believe he liked an even love catlin but he's not above murdering her husband and putting her in a situation where she's in danger right you know because little finger i think the most important thing the little fingers little finger yeah so he might like you he might be using you for a scheme but he he's everything's very transactional with them i guess trying to all right danny laments her lack of an army while she enjoys sale to ask the poor were treated to a little dragon seen here fishing and just flying around the tossing fish in the air in birmingham instant torching yes seared ahi tuna dry dragons like their fish cooked it did not fans of raw fish on those she's i'm reason though sushi for drug on the death raqi aren't taken to the water very well they are still here which dante takes is a sign that they'll follow her anywhere and joy cautions her that she hasn't quite proved ourselves to all rocky yet especially the one on his hands in these peaking up three breakfasts stuff like that guy's not having a good yeah he just had a grand slam dinnyes and he did not keep it down and they also mentioned the like the big one of the big tensions for danny this season is how do you liberate a land or take something back with good intentions if you use like slave labor because you know they're going here to purchase the insult lead which is the greatest print that ical slave soldiers in the world and what does that mean for for for danny who kinda grew up in a slavery chattel situation herself who wasn't free to make her own decisions how how's that going to sit with her no it's a it's a good thing for her to be wrestling with at this point 'cause i it's also made more interesting by the fact that she's very desperate she doesn't have a great avenue to find an army right this is this is like the one thing that she thinks she can do here if she wants to claim her her rightful place so she's kinda stuck between like a rock and ethical dilemma just which is a cool place for her to be gives her something interesting to do for sure other than looking for a dragon's yes damn dragons are daba arrives dragon stone and tries to convince stands to continue to fight and to ditch mel sandra she claims that everything bad happened because davos convince status to leave her behind blackwater lenient that yeah and tries to stab or but stan guards grab him and take him to the dungeon yeah i mean she really provokes them she'd been ms instantly says all of your failures rear own and i could have i.

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