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It's game time money line is would it be for sports betting and to test your skills at the mid south only top golf sweet sweet must be twenty one or older. this is a box the weather update this is chief meteorologist Joe we sold back seventy five warm degrees again tonight and then tomorrow is Friday but it will be hot heat index for Friday right around one hundred and one degrees warm into your weekend and then some scattered shower opportunities next week get the timing on when rain could arrive to your house John good morning Memphis Friday morning beginning at four thirty when it comes to your identity in devices there's no sound track to let you know you might be in danger. that's why you need LifeLock with Norton security to look out for silent threats in today's digital universe. no one can prevent all identity theft where cyber crime or monitor all transactions at all businesses but LifeLock helps detect threats to your identity in Norton protects against online threats join now at LifeLock dot com and use promo code news to get ten percent off your first year. this is Carl on his motorcycle. this is coral office motorcycle also it is very different antique people confuse the two on his motorcycle. motorcycle let's do puzzles in the break room on. hello Carolyn my fingernails securing your better on your bike progressive helps give you want to get a quote in as little as three minutes of progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates Joe Stuart body shop family owned and operated they'll treat you like family when you walk through the door trust them with your car truck or SUV twenty nine sixteen summer Avenue three two three two two nine six or visit just to our body shop dot com now open at four hundred distribution parkway in Carterville. news I'm.

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