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But then they'd see this one and then it'd be like, okay well. How you do seek off of this you know what I mean I think it's I. Think the franchise would go much further than this one. If there. would be such a huge franchise. No. No I I hear. You know another interesting tidbit about this one is They get the secret. When they were filming this thing they didn't let anyone know that it had a connection Blair witch and it was being filmed under the state title the Woods Obama. And actually when they first screened it at a festival, it was screamed. As the woods was fake fake posters and everything, and then midway through the movie with people started realizing that obviously had a connection to Blair witch and by the end they had replaced the posters with with the real posters. Funny, that's cool. Though I like that it's kind of wild, right so I guess. If you ever get invited to a screening for film. You never know what it could turn out to be right. That's true. That's true. That's Addicott that's interesting. Interesting bit of. But if Yeah, just just a little tidbit on on this one Again, we're both thumbs up. We disagree with the critics we disagree with the Audience Score What do you think about Mike Mike claim last week John this is a highly underrated movie. Can you get behind that? Definitely, it's a, it's a movie that's worth your time. And if it's a movies worth your time. And it's getting social scores that it is. It's definitely underrated. Right, like definitely is I think you I think you can't go wrong spending an hour and a half watching this movie if you like horror movies. And again, even if you haven't seen the Blair witch project, you don't feel watch this winter. No hop on net flicks check it out. It's worth the watch. I would argue that this one's better than the original. A ton of time to think about that I just haven't thought about it, but you could be right because you kinda strike the first one. Perfectly it was. Okay and then iconic ending. So you know what you know what just on this further moment I might have to say this one's better too. I. Think. On almost every aspect, it wasn't. It wasn't slow in the first one was slow. It just wasn't an is still had you waiting for an I even like the part because it had me waiting for people standing in the corner at the end like it had me waiting for that. And we when it happened I was like Oh God so good right. So it made me happy to see that so. I definitely argue that this is better. But you you Kinda knew it was coming but it also didn't feel like a rip off you know what I'm saying no like so you do it was coming but didn't win it was coming and then. Also, with the way, the film was going wasn't sure that if you weren't sure that it was coming. So I I liked it. I like to hold presentation of it till the end is delivery was with really done. Strongly agree my friend anything else dad. No idea meltzer. So then all we have is again Much Shawn Small for the recommendation. Again as I said last week Sean kind of senators a list of a few movies in this one really hopped out to me as I wanted to the thanks very much shawn. And next buddy hop on. NETFLIX's again we're going with a SAM Raimi. Film Drake Mita Hell Sam Raimi Yeah have. You seen this when John I started watching it a while ago and then..

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