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A man hated the news about your friend who was singing that song who passed away this week. Yeah, Jerry Marston. Front man for Gerry and the pacemakers who have one of the biggest bands big. He was from Liverpool, another idol over there because of you Never walk. You'll never walk along, which was the adopted song of the Liverpool football team. And he loved golf. He walked around at the British Open a couple of times. I was lucky enough to walk with him and get to know a great guy. But they say that they sing that song every area that every every match talk about a minister of culture. They loved Jerry Marston, and he passed away of heart ailment this week. On guard. Certainly condolences to his family. This is the 15th Club on Kill BJ probably brought to you by our friend John McClellan and supreme Lending capital Chevrolet and by ABC Bank with us now on the 15th Club. Live line on this day of the tournament of champions is a champion in his own right. My friends matching Ella, formerly of the Golf channel now has fire pit podcast. One of the great voices and golf and one of the great people in golf, Matt, Welcome to the 15th Club. Happy New Year. And How are you doing this afternoon? Happy New Year, guys. Pleasure to be on with you. And I'm doing great. I just I just spent the morning at go. Hill Park, another great municipal in America with my son, who is 3.5, who I named. Bandon. Obviously, after after Bandon Dunes, So good Good day so far. Matt, Let me ask you is Bandon Dunes, And that whole complex, of course is out there. Is that your favorite place of all the travels you've had throughout the country over the years. Is that your favorite? I think you know, I always say that I put the home of golf and the old course in its own special category and obviously, uh, you know, ST Andrews and that All that's going on around there is is, you know is special in its own right? And then there's obviously the southwest coast of Ireland, which I love. But for me a Zay, I've covered the development of abandoned as I've covered the development. Of you know, my Kaiser and the properties. He hey, has developed all over now the world I It's hard not to say Bandon is the place for me. It's and now with the addition of sheep Ranch It just puts it over the top because you have those 5 18 hole golf courses who have their own character on then you have to preserve obviously, and you have the punch bowl and you have golf First you have a you have a guy who dedicated that land. Golf first, and everything else sort of happens around that, and I think that's that's the deciding factor. That's that's what puts it over the top options variety. Adventure, you know, thoughtful architectures. Um and then you know you have you have cut my Kaiser at the at the lead there? Yeah, For me, probably Scotty. I would say yes. That sheep ranch. I'm trying to remember who was the guy that did the design? Who were those two guys mad? I'm trying to scratch my head on that it was it was, you know, Bill core and then creature who was locked in a box. I mean, and then I know. You know, Scottie knows this better than anybody. But It is it. You know, they had that landfill Freeman and my Kaiser and they you know it was what it was for so long, which was that kind of playground 13 greens create your own adventure. And you know, a lot of other architects took a look at at that land and tried to figure out how it could be a workable 18 holes. But You know, If you have been creature, he would tell you that there's no better router. Now and maybe ever then Bill core, And it's in for bill to have gone in there and has figured out those three double teas and figured out how you could utilize that land and make it into what it is today. With so many Infinity Green's a ZAY people say, Please explain describe sheep. She bridge into me. It's just this fun factory. It is, you know, And then there's also the the idea that they took into account the windy, You know that wind You know, prominent wind that you'd get there on that Oregon coastline and made it playable in any in any way on any any conditions that you would be playing it because you're going to get a variety there, so no sand bunkers obviously eases a lot of the maintenance concerns and playability concerns. But also the big and fairly benign greens that allows for for people to really enjoy it. If there's no wind, but also enjoyed. It is a big weight. It It's tremendous. It's amazing. Match. You have Traveled all over. Not just the United States but the country and now you're doing your podcasts, and it seems like everybody, everybody you can think of. Has just decided that they want to do a gulf podcast. It's amazing, but I know that yours in my mind Yours really stands out among the best and we were lucky enough to have you visit visit us Here, it lines municipal is you did a little tour of many courses. Around this part of the country just a couple of months ago. Yeah, You know, I've covered. You know Lions muting now for years, going back to when I first started the Golf channel, and that was eight years ago. And have been fascinated because every one of these little stories matters, You know, I just mentioned go tell Park in what John ish Ashwood did the Valley the.

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