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This. This February 15th and this is the bruins beat on CLS media. Welcome to the bruins beat on CLS media, my name is Evan Marino. He hope you guys have any great day, a great week. Hopefully had a great Super Bowl weekend, did something cool for it? Maybe we're there. Or as people Blackburn said on Twitter who wouldn't want to just sit on the couch and stuff their face. What's the fun and being there when you can just sit at home on the couch with a big bag of chips and some beer or maybe you're having soda or whatever it is and just eating away, drinking away. Personally, I just chilled. Just chilled, ordered our chicken sandwich from a local restaurant. It was delicious. Watch the game, even get you hungry right now. But it was a good game, Connor and I got into it to start. Just a little bit. But in this episode, we talked for a while about these Mark Andre flurry rumors at the Bruce might be a dark horse than him and we kind of discussed the pros and cons to someone like flirt. We also got into life without bergeron and Martian as the burns are going through right now. And what it kind of exposes in this bruins lineup. And we also got into the potential of this Frederick Coyle Smith line working. What happens if that's a good line? Does that become the third line? Who slots in up top? So a lot of interesting moving parts with that. We also get into Jack studnica. And what his value is saying with Jacob bruss, what their value is in trades and where they might fit in the lineup. Going forward. So fun episode, as always, remember to go support our friends over at bed online with our promo code CLS 50. Without further ado, here's my conversation. With Conor Ryan. And we're here with Conor Ryan. Connor, what is up? Evan, doing well. How are you doing? Doing great. Doing great. This is too straight weeks of you back on bruins beat. It's like we're getting back in the rhythm of you coming out. Slowly getting you back in the loop on this. But how was your weekend? It was swell. Watch Super Bowl went with, I thought, I hope the Bengals were gonna win, but alas. It was more realistic. I was like, you know what Aaron Donald is going to absolutely obliterate Cincinnati's offensive line? Sure enough it happened. Adds terrible, as always, which like, I feel like it's very much an old old man grape to be like the Super Bowl ads are bad. It's like realistic now. Everyone's got like Twitter and YouTube. People are getting more creative. You don't have to wait for the big game for you to drop like a good ad anymore. So I got 9 understand that comes with a territory, but it was good. No complaints as of when the time this podcast drops. Hopefully be you will be being part champions. We will scrub this audio from the podcast. So fingers crossed there. But how are you doing? How was your weekend Evan? It was great. I actually had to do a bean pot preview video for the championship for the NCAA, and I predicted be you to win. Hurt me to do it. Hurt me to do it, but I did. I had to make a business decision and I did it. It was a good weekend. Fun times, Super Bowl was great. You're right, the ads were terrible. The only ad that I actually remember was the crypto dot com ad with the barcode that went on the screen..

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