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Emergency pod time the fixtures are stacking up and the stakes could not be any higher for the men's and women's team we will recap the back to back. Women's super league champions chelsea f c women and also we will get into match that. I didn't really kept meeting until chelsea won it and now it's definitely indicative of what's happening in the champions league final all that and more on this bonus edition of chelsea mic'ed up vomits swag back opal chris the platitudes that we speak about chelsea women sometimes makes me feel a little self conscious 'cause tactically and he's a brilliant manager but chelsea your so damn talented that it's hard to convey how talented they are compared to other teams without sounding like i'm taking shots at other teams reading is a very good team and chelsea were just playing with their food and here emma. Hey stands on top of the mountain yet again in the women's superleague. Same kerr a brilliant signing after of a rough start after the pandemic it's understood world record signings in harder frame kirby coming back to form and now chelsea and i don't wanna get bogged down with this but it's off. It's like a train. Headed our way i think six consecutive league titles the the barcelona women's team has won their very good team. So let's say with women's super league achievement but it is kind of framing the discussion right. It's there for the taking grace seem of all time. Yeah i mean. It's something that we've talked about on this podcast and when you look at the last two championships when you look at the competition that was required in order to go and win it right. I mean this is a very competitive domestic league and there are probably other women's teams. I would probably say leone has in terms of like run away with a league. Run away with the champions league like they have been at times more dominant but in terms of the achievement. This team has to go through a lot weaken week out competition a strengthening superleague and emma. Hayes is reloaded with pernilla. Harder with sam kerr whose only kind of fully embedded in this season melanie..

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