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Sunny today. As in the mid sixties to lower seventies, This report is brought to you by rocket mortgage from the Southern California to enter dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's slow on the 1 10. 1 10 Freeway North bound basically from Florence on up to MLK Jr Boulevard. Very slow traffic. Nothing up ahead and lanes just expects him delays there. K F Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Vas looking at a problem near Long Beach, I'll say We've been circling over this for a few minutes now, if you have to drive this westbound 91 New York Times your freeway In between the 605 and 7 10 got a lot to tell you about westbound right on top of the 7 10. As a matter of fact, as this peach you now CHP officers have just pulled up to help her. There's been a two car crash in the right lane. There's only three lanes in a carpool coming up here anyway. So the backup believe it not only took about 10 minutes back up on the West 91 is pretty much to the 605. It looks like they're going to start moving this off their freeway. But the delays there There are Teacher Boulevard. If you're running real late and have no time to fool around here, 605 over the seven tenants and fine shape. The car pool lane out of all of them really not affected too badly. It's all the main lines. They're just backed up solid. He's found at least that's looking good agent in an accident. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock, a F eye in the sky. And it looks like we've got issues in Anaheim Hills for the 91 westbound before Gypsum Canyon crashed there on the shoulder. Hedges slow back from auto Center drive. This report sponsored by Whole Foods Market KF Eye in the Sky Hopes get you there Faster. I will Kohlschreiber this week in Whole Foods market get 25% off radios, homemade Mariner and alfredo sauce, pasta soup and frozen entrees through for every 23rd plus an extra 10%.

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