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Good morning great to have you with us the final election results of yesterday's our primary from the state of and it will be coming in and around June sixteenth yes that's the final date where absentee ballots postmarked by yesterday will be accepted so where are we in all we use we go to the polls we vote and we like that and then by that night late or early the next day you have an idea of what the results were well now with all this mail and stuff and people waiting in lines of for that sometimes for up to seven hours I was watching last night people storyline well I was watching the tube and you know so the new system as are created by the governor not working too well but we do have some preliminary figures for you and I thought you'd want to know we're looking specifically at the congressional districts three and four three and four all right the third was the two Republicans vying for every each against each other for the nomination Dan rata Meyer and Dan Schwartz couple dans and it turns out that Ron Meyer it has so far at least received forty three point five percent of the vote and the formative and treasurer Dan Schwartz in second place with thirty two point six percent so they were burned fine to be able to go against Susie Lee and she is in a district that favored Donald Trump actually in the twenty sixteen election by a narrow margin so I mean it's not a foregone conclusion have been necessarily win that seat Dan Schwartz spent more than seven hundred thousand dollars nearly five and eighty thousand of his own money right out of my or spent five hundred forty thousand also loose of about a hundred eighty three thousand dollars so the two of them went after each other like wild cats I mean just tearing each other apart and it is something that they could have been mortally damaged each other politically speaking it when they go against Susie Lee I don't know what the outcome is going to be I'm just trying to give you a little bit of an idea of what did go on in the fourth district you had to Jim Marge Schott it leading in that field he had Ole let's see thirty three of and a half percent of the votes and he was ahead of the next person which is St Peter's small businessman and US Air Force veteran who had twenty six and a half percent of the vote and in third place was the forms to U. S. Nevada and Lisa song she was in third with about thirteen percent of the vote so it this point if things hold as they are it'll be on Dan rata Meyer verses Susie Lee in the third and Jamar chante verses Horsford in the in the fourth in horse for his got his own issues going on with the issue about having an affair with someone during a couple times during his during his marriage lover of Republicans as an acceptable for Democrats it's a badge of honor let's just be honest I mean you know you can even deny it and then come out looking great the good bill Clinton now things worked out for him well in the fourth district dina Titus held a large lead of course it's a big huge Democrat district the first that's the first district and that the entire certainly gets the democratic nomination looks like she'll be running against choice Bentley's she beat Betley in the year twenty eighteen general election and the Bentley is now leading the leading Republican in the fourth with some twenty seven fifty two the first district in the fourth it's the first district that's all almost all Democrats choice Bentley has about thirty eight percent of the vote roughly among Republicans but she'll be going inside us we'll see what will happen I'm not too optimistic about that one anyway there you go Rodham R. and Marchand touching third in the fourth when agents Susie Lee and Steven Horsford respectfully spectrum all right a lot more going on this morning a George Grover Norquist joining us in just a little bit so don't go too far we do have the rush morning minute coming up next hello to.

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