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I can, and I think it's a lot like you have to be a good singer to sing deliberately off key. And I think you have to be smart to be play that done. Well, finally, I'll tell you about a breathtaking unfathomable work of art grew up in a backyard right here in Los Angeles. That's all coming up on eye. Let's go. It's bulls eye. I'm Jesse thorn. My first guest this week is swamped doc. It's his third time on our show, a rare honour, but one that the man has earned swamp dog is the recording name of the singer and songwriter, Jerry Williams, he started in show business as a kid. He put out his first song at twelve with his mom playing drums at first. He was a singer touring as little Jerry Williams, then in the sixties he was a record company man, he worked in are produced bands. He wrote a couple of R&_B hits with his friend Gary US bonds, but it's his music as swamp dog that makes him a legend today. It's a hard discography to classify it straight soul music, pushed through a surreal hilarious psychedelic lands. And it's all song by a voice that is very distinctive. It's one of my favorites. I mean, listen to this swamp Dogg track cover of John prime song. Sam stone. These days more and more people are getting hip to swamped off.

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