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Will be a forty yarder. These miss the thirty seven yard earlier today. Wouldn't you believe it? Sir. Celebrate. Never seen anything like this. What an exciting day. So as you heard Chris Boswell slipped as he attempted to game winning kick. It was blocked, and what's interesting is actually a grass because baseball season. So he slept on the grass when Oakland's not known for their grass field in general. That's what looked very dicey. There was a lot of there were a lot of guys. If you watch the game there were a ton of guys slipping all over the field. And that's not surprising that plays has a history of having field conditions. Did you see by the way, real quick note in Miami? They had to call time out. And yeah. Groundstroke to replace a giant that was in the ground. Steelers in the life of kind of Tomlin being there, especially the last couple of years now have played really well with distractions. We know that NFL teams talk about distractions and what they do to a team forever in the Steelers have been able to play this year. Not quite the same. Right. They've lost three to row now. They're still the driver's seat in my opinion for the AFC north. However, you're the Browns are still in it. Wow. Seven five seven one. Seven five and one by the way, ravens are seven six. So the Steelers have have a half game lead essentially one game in a loss. Calm and the Browns are still alive still alive. But what do you think this year with the Steelers? I thought they would be able to weather this storm their twenty three to seven against the chargers lose that game at home. They're up early. This game lose this game on the road. I don't know what to make of the Steelers. Well, if I were the Steelers, I would still be so frustrated with me on bell. I know that we're not talking about that anymore because now we're gonna to play all season, but that that to me totally derailed the season. I mean, I think they're they're a Super Bowl contender with bell. And look. Bell is better than James Connor. Absolutely. But it's not even necessarily only the drop off there. It's also just the distraction like you said it's 'cause there've been so many distractions around this team. And I think that if lady on bell had played this year, it would have been much smoother sailing for the Steelers, even though knowing them, they probably have still found a way to to make a mess out of things. But I agree with you. It's been a mess. Now Antonio Brown at times seemed a little bit unhappy. I think you're totally right. The Steelers to me are pretenders this year as far as the postseason goes. Now, I know one game season. But I'm a big believer that you got to prove it in the regular season. The teams that show up consistently time and time again those teams that make a playoff run. So again, do I think the Steelers will make the playoffs. Yes. I do. I don't think they're gonna make a serious run. I don't think they'll make the Super Bowl. Like, we originally thought. Even though the talent is there and surprisingly the defense has been playing a little better as of late. It's really just kind of been inconsistent inconsistent performances all across the board. Yeah. And the defense has played better. Put their stay the homework or bad teams. And I'm sure you grew with this. It's not that you do one thing. Particularly terrible said you you do something. Terrible different. You different every game. Like one game is a defense is off a one game software games. Specialty is one game assistant that that's in. The Steelers are having read their way to inconsistent. So one game the offense shows up or the show for the first half against the chargers. Not about the second show today for a little bit. What do you make of Mike Thomas decision to basically, hold Big Ben out? It's all things got really bad. Then put them back in hard to say, we don't know exactly what's going on with the ribs of big bend. It was extremely odd. Because again, I'm they get off my lawn guy to me either you can player you can't we got into an argument a few weeks ago where people were saying to us shouldn't play rest him play. Jalen hurts last game of the season. You know, I think if you're healthy and you can play should be in the game. Now, I get this a franchise quarterback. We're talking about here. But it was very weird that he was just waiting to put him in until they got down, and then they promptly marched down. The field score touchdown retake the lead. But the defense again gave them some big plays. They're down the stretch late. So I thought it was extremely odd. The way it was handled. What has just been a an odd season overall for the Steelers it hasn't? Here's Mike Tomlin in presser after the game. Talking about his decision for big Ben's playing time. You know, he was you know, he got looked at at halftime you get treatment. He came back out. We'll wait and see if he was going to be able to come back in. He was probably could've come in a series of so sooner. But we were in a rhythm in Florida game. He was ready to go when he got back out. The rim of the game. I don't what kind of rhythm and flow of the game. Where you keep your your quarterback out. I don't know that rhythm flow. I don't get it. That's a that's not a that's not a movie I've seen. It wasn't like they had a stuck backup in there. Was there up three touchdowns points? Yeah. It was a close game on the road against hungry. Oakland team has nothing to lose. Right. They're playing for a playoff spot. Not really for one pick Tomlin like I mean. I it's hard not to light Tomlin ties. But he's he has certainly made some questionable coaching citizens season in my opinion. I think you live and die by being aggressive. If you're tall, man. That's maybe what he thought he was doing here maybe thought aggressively playing the backup for a little bit game reps. I don't know..

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