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That really don't care that much about winning this team and this owner bob mcnair they're both more concerned about public relations than winning this year spaced off not signing com cabinet cabin experiment savage because we actually be able to move around behind this awful offense of line of potentially prolong plays keep the offense similar to what it was what the shawn watson there are a lot of other teams right now that also probably could use calling cabinet gets a quarterback in the afc so all these teams are at fault the dolphins the jets they could definitely use a guy like him i think that the bills could i think that the ravens can any flak of stunk last night flaco was terrible plukett was worse than savage i thought flaco couldn't hit the broad set of a barneys bombing balls deep down the field the only way that the ravens got offense manner was throwing passes downfield again texan special teams classic bad coaching gotta be better in that situation or when they were going forward on fourth in one and doing these little wacky pitch place and ultimately i look at the texans and all i can say is even though they have had so many issues this year and even though they are in an inherently flawed team the rest of this conference is so bad that if foreign seven and basically finally being out of it having the thirteen seed in the afc as things currently stand losing tiebreakers with the jets and the dolphins for god's sakes it's pretty much done teams like the chargers have a chance to react to to rally down the stretch and and sneak away with a playoff spot i don't know about baltimore i dunno are buffalo i definitely don't buy into the cincinnati bengals oakland maybe the afc west is turning into a disaster with the kansas city chiefs falling apart at the seams the texas of the right there and then you watch last night and you see some of the same issues that you have seen all year long random dropped passes lapses defensively in crunch situations folk defensively i thought they had of ever a very good game for the most part i thought that they frustrated the ravens on against the run wasn't the best luck honestly i thought that the.

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