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This is dave three of a humanitarian pause in the fighting inside syria supposed to allow people to escape without fear of getting hurt or killed but even with buses and ambulances standing by nobody seems to be going anywhere cbs's seth don't is the only us network news reporter in embattled eastern gouda both sides are blaming the other the government is saying that rebels inside eastern kuta had held hostage some civilians there the rebels on the other hand are accusing the government of making it difficult for them to cross thousands of south koreans have been celebrating in their co at their country's independence day with a huge demonstration in seoul reported down kirk is there supporting slogans denouncing is move toward reconciliation with north korea they're waving koreans large also some american flags near and and in front of the american on of eight avenue through central seoul it seemed like the west virginia teacher's strike would end after the governor promised a five percent pay raise the state house approved the measure but the deal is stalled in the state senate so west virginia schools are closed again today it orlando jury selection starts this morning the trial of noor salman the widow of the pulse nightclub gunman prosecutor say solomon knew about the attack ahead of time and helped her husband planet attorney mark o'meara is not affiliated with a case he says potential jurors will be asked about how they're thinking may have been affected by media coverage and other factors there is a salman is muslim and that made engineering addresses raw because there are certain biases and prejudices that exist that need to be sort of vetted out by the defense and the prosecution about six hundred fifty people are in the jury pool in orlando.

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