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A quote substantial amount of explosive material and posed an imminent threat to the airport. A large plume of smoke was visible. This is the second us strike. I'm isis k. Since the attack that killed thirteen american servicemembers and dozens of afghans tonight. How many americans are still hoping to get out of afghanistan. Here's our senior foreign correspondent ian panel from cutter tonight with less than forty eight hours to go. Smoke rising outside kava land as the. Us strikes is k. Militants for the second time the military revealing an unmanned drone struck vehicle niqab lamport eliminating an imminent isis k. Threats the vehicle believed to be carrying a substantial amount of exclusive material an afghan official telling. Abc news that six civilians were killed. Four of them children the attack just a day after another us. Drone strike in nangarhar province took out to high level isis k. members of planner and facilitator and injured a third fighter. The fact that two of these individuals are no law while longer walking on the face of the earth. That's a good thing. The strikes bringing new urgency to the evacuation mission hundreds once again clamoring that the gates to the airport desperate as the final drawdown of us troops gets underway. The state department today again warning americans to stay away citing specific credible threats surrounding the airfield only fifty. Us citizens making it out of kabul in the last twenty four hours. Roughly two hundred fifty still seeking to get out. This is the most dangerous time in an already extraordinarily dangerous mission these last couple of days and so we will do everything possible to keep To keep people safe but the risk is very high. David will just two more days left. It's clear that some of those who recite lies to help the mission and now going to be left behind. Us officials said they're working on alternative routes. But that's little comfort to those. We've spoken to who too nice a raton. Feeling abandoned and afraid david ian panel reporting and again tonight. Thank you in and now here at home tonight and that solemn scene today the dignified transfer for those thirteen american heroes coming home today. Here's our global. Affairs correspondent martha raddatz. It is one of the most profound and solemn responsibilities for a commander in chief today. The president watching thirteen flag-draped remains of thirteen fallen service members. Returning home to us soil. All just infants or children. When america's longest war began making the ultimate sacrifice as our country's involvement in the war comes to a tragic end president biden and the first lady dressed in black arriving this morning at dover air force base for his first dignified transfer as president. These young courageous americans placing themselves in grave danger at the abbey gate of kabul's airport to protect american citizens and afghans trying to evacuate thursday becoming the single deadliest day for the american military in afghanistan in over a decade tonight. The country hosing to mourn to honor their sacrifice. Marine lance corporal. David espinosa just twenty years old marine sergeant nicole g. twenty three years old days before her death she was featured in this photo cradling. An afghan baby at the kabul airport riding on instagram. I love my job. Marine staff sergeant. Darren taylor hoover from salt lake city. His father calling him. One heck of a leader. Army staff sergeant ryan nas marine corporal hunter lopez marine lance corporal riley mccollum of jackson wyoming was just weeks away from becoming a father marine lance corporal dylan merola marine lance corporal kareem nicoli from nor co california. His father saying he did not hesitate to be called to duty marine corporal. Deacon william tyler page marine sergeant. Joe hani rosario picado marine corporal umberto sanchez marine lance corporal. Jared schmitz navy. Cormon maxed in soviak. His father told a reporter that in the last facetime with their son when his mother told him to be safe he said. Don't worry mom my guys got me. They won't let anything happen to me. Today she realized that they all just went together. Martha raddatz with us tonight. Martha an incredibly solemn day and we were watching you on the air with this today and it's impossible to imagine you know what these families are going through and what they'll go through for years to come and of course. I know the question. Now how to protect the us servicemembers still in kabul with just two days now until this august thirty first deadline to get americans to get afghans. Who helped the us to get these us servicemen and women out david the priority right now is keeping those service members who remain in kabul safe even while they evacuate more american citizens and afghan.

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