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Failed and the car was totaled horrible accident. He somehow survived eventually. The warns locked. Annabel indicates that they customized and built. She resides to this day. The lot case seems to have kept the doll from moving around but it seems like whatever table entity attached to. It is still there waiting. Biding its time ready for the day when it can be free again. All my the research about this doll does suggest that it is kind of if nothing else creepy. The warns relatives their children. Their nephews family members of all shapes and sizes. Hate this thing. They don't make eye contact with it. They don't acknowledge its existence. They say it's there but won't look at it directly. They can manipulate you through the glass. They say eight can cause nightmares and other paranormal feats in your life. I'm not sure if i believe it. Or not as. I have grown to be a little more skeptic over the past few years especially when doing the show and researching all these critters and creatures and it's just hard to believe something like that actually exists as much as i wanted to now. I'm not saying. I don't think that there are possessions and i don't think that there are demons. Of course. there is the possibility. But i like to sit right in the middle and look at everything from both sides is often easy to say that somebody is possessed. It's often easy to say. Something is evil but we don't really truly know what evil is. We haven't really lived through a particularly evil time. Look in the nineteen thirties or forties with nazi germany. That was pure evil. A doll locked. The cabinet just doesn't scream evil to me. Nevertheless it is a pretty terrifying concept and i will forever be terrified of dolls. We have one in our apartment. I don't like it. It is creepy but it was given to my wife by her grandmother so it stays into illit decides to burn the house down in that case. Well i guess we're going to get rid of it. Nevertheless that's that does it for me today. I hope he likes his brand new episode back at it after a couple of weeks off. How long was it three weeks. It doesn't matter. My name's casey and if you like what you heard please feel free. Leave review on apple itunes or apple podcasts or whatever the app is called nowadays you also leave a review on facebook. Any five star reviews will be read out on the show so that is the best way to get shut out. If that's what you're looking for you can follow me on twitter at horror shots prod in production or on facebook at horror shots where you can leave that wonderful wonderful review or you can follow me on instagram. At on this origins pod also feel free to leave some comments as i said whether you believe. These dolls are haunted on the island. Or the annabelle doll either way. Let me know what you think. You do that on twitter or on facebook and started discussion and maybe who knows. Maybe we'll meet somebody cool. Maybe somebody fun. Everybody who likes that pages pretty awesome but until next week..

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