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Race call for conservation commissions equal housing lender listens office it's an analyst or thirty thirty another happy customer of automotive image three forty four here see what art culo traffic all right no surprises on the roadways a lot more cars though southbound I. five looks heavy from fiftieth in the U. district basically down towards the west Seattle bridge I also see some flowing on ninety nine getting into the tunnel if you continue south on I. five you'll find that heavy from about four or five I. five merge there is now center down to about south to hundreds and continuing past that it's already heavy from highway eighteen in federal way heading south on I. five in that basically goes all the way down to about the Tacoma dome back in king county on the east side south floral five toughest right in downtown Bellevue from four oh five most the way down to about forty fourth in Renton north five is starting to get crowded now especially right around north it kind of off and on through shoreline it's heavy at the Linwood merge at five five four or five and then again as you approach forty first in Everett your next couple traffic at three fifty four this update sponsored by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance whether you rent or own geico makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance having a home is hard work so get a quote at geico dot com these are como eco roof forecast will have a chance of rain tonight lows around forty we're seeing a little bit late rain over the Olympic peninsula right now in the east into the strait of Juan de Fuca too tomorrow partly cloudy and a high temperature of fifty five or so downtown now fifty one stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven.

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