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Shannon paul and i approve this message to order go ahead and welcome back to our veterans voice i like to hear when it says main peace it wave if only every american out there would be as proud as up to and we i hear them i look fell right now i wear my american flag every single day and you know how many people have many men and women of died for that flag in i am so proud how did say i am an american in i wanna thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to be the whole silva veterans voice it's enhanced my life and hopefully i'm hoping that i can in return repaid the favour by enhancing years we have with us from the va of rosemary bellinger and would discussing breast cancer because if i can say it right this is bob breast cancer awareness month yes handed allowed got this think about that i got overcome that four words in proper order anywhere we're discussing breast cancer and one of the things that we i wanted to bring up is in if we cut style that the little bit but i wanna get into a little bit more than that is the risk factors of breast cancer and i i they would you agree that they're pretty much a safe for men and women or is it more are they somewhat different also somewhat may have friend i would say with many primarily um i'm not a subject matter expert on him but primarily for men with whitby genetic um and women of course that that major of wit all breast cancer but anything to waste to help avoid brett kanter at that one topic if waste for help avoid breast cancer would be your lifestyle lifestyle can affect your.

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