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And that i'm working on the business i think the research plays a key role and continuing his success how do you guys make sure that are continuing to be a resurgent customer theme back if i'm in demand stars of a one of features on our platform isn't so right after as early as profar owned garrett declined to mclain how the choice and they usually do the before they are does get paid out actually they are the trees the client and when you get that came back because of immediate next we can changed glaring attack knowledge is now working how should be like experience it's not out of or maybe it's going crazy carrying i'm trying things that really work well for his next pressure certainly cultures forward yeah i love those hits over important you get customer feedback and i don't think there's a says most is i should are afraid they're actually afraid to get the real time feedback of the customer like the food did the customer like the experience of the customer like whatever the product or services when it happy was and when you know that we over deliver so i think that the fact but it's an from point i was going to win it there is something that there's a cutler that seems and happier yeah there's some frustration it didn't work out we actually call that customer right away or email him right away and you know inquired and usually by having a conversation with them they calm down and it's becomes a very pleasant dialogue and eight and if you catch thanks come on the show mike i'm are slack this has been struck stars and we connected community of entrepreneur.

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