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Apartment just feel sake. I'm shaking. I don't feel good. She was one of many chase. From her building. At the pine ridge estates last night by a four alarm blaze. That apparently started in a bathroom long drawing a hundred firefighters from several surrounding towns. Saint John's Catholic church in towns and quickly became helped central for the fire victims here boy scouts, helpful donated clothing, and organiz toiletries and social service workers arrange temporary shelter and meals for the residents many of whom are starting from scratch. No injuries were reported and still no known cause deer have inflec- inflicting record injuries at a popular tourist destination in Japan. But say it's the people who are misbehaving over the last year more than two hundred visitors to western Japan's famous Nora park ended up getting bitten knocked down or sustained broken bones after encounters with local deer park ranger said dear attacks usually occurred when tourists held. Out food, but then kept the deer waiting while trying to take souvenir photos correspondent Lucy craft in Tokyo, a closer look at our galaxy show some interesting imperfections, scientists in China and Australia released an updated three d map of the Milky Way. Galaxy showing that it's warped at least around the forages. They used more than thirteen hundred pulsating stars bigger and brighter than our sun to map the galaxy shape the farther from the center, the more warping or twisting, there is in the outer hydrogen gas disk, researchers believed the warp spiral pattern is caused by the spinning force of the massive inner disk of stars. Pam coulter. CBS news in Kansas taxpayers are feeling the pinch from years of unrest in this state prisons over four hundred thousand dollars was spent repairing damage and replacing equipment from inmate riots at three different. Prisons officials say they face persistent. Staffing problems and facilities are made more volatile by housing many inmates to to a cell. No verdict in the federal trial of the Mexican drug kingpin known as El Chapo after our second day of jury deliberations. Correspondent Warren Levinson has the latest in the trial of Joaquin goes Guzman. The unanimous jury in Brooklyn began its first full day of deliberation. In the case against Joaquin Guzman. The drug Lord nicknamed El Chapo defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman arrived at federal court to wait. I don't know. What's going to happen today? Your guests moan is charged with heading smuggling operation that used torture and murder to crush rivals and brought hundreds of tons of cocaine through Mexico to the United States after to prison escapes in Mexico. He's been held in solitary confinement since being brought here in two thousand seventeen the defense claims the case against him was built on the testimony of former confederates lying to get better treatment. Warren Levinson, New York, the network, airing. The Oscar says there's an upside to the controversy surrounding the Kevin Hart hosting controversy. People are talking. About the show ABC entertainment, president Kerry bird calls it proof. The Academy Awards are still relevant Burke says although the show will be without an official host Tina Fey Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Evans are among an alias group of presenters ceremony. Also features a number of box office hits including best picture contenders. Black Panther bohemian rhapsody and a star is born that could boost TV viewership most people in the Boston area. Get their traffic information from WBZ some.

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