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Stephanie. WHITTLES WAX is the host of last day. That's a new podcast about the OPIOID epidemic. I think it starts with the story of her brother. Harris whittles and then expands way way. It is funny and Super Sad and Super Smart Reverie listening to this podcast. We'll have a link to last day description for this episode of an arm and leg. And if you're listening to this show for the first time welcome welcome you can find out more about I said arm and a leg show dot com. And of course you can subscribe where ever you get podcasts. I'm GONNA plug after the PODCAST company A.. CAST their distributing an arm and a leg this season so we like that but you just go subscribe and while you're there wherever you are. Why not leave us a review and actually if you are digging show there is one super special thing thing you can do for us right now? A website called discover pods has kind of people's choice awards for podcasts and this show is a finalist in two categories categories and one is best new podcast which I am pretty psyched about but the super special thing is somebody nominated us in the best. I true crime podcast category and we are a finalist which is genius or as the first new. Tiffany that we were nominated said so funny and end yet not funny at all. I mean this show has no cops no prosecutors no defense as far as I know the things we document here like the price rates of insulin do not break any actual laws which you might say is the real crime here and it's not exactly victimless. So I I really really want to win this award. I need your help wherever you're listening to this show. There should be a link to the awards where you can can vote. Please please please do it. And tell everybody you know you can find the link at our website to a whole spiel about why we ought to win arm. Intellectual Dot Com go there follow the link. Vote for us and then tell everybody you know to do the same thing if you think the way we deal with. Healthcare in this country is a crime. Let everybody know. And if you're good at twitter or instagram or whatever just go hype the heck out of this we are at arm and the lake show dot com. You'll find other cool stuff there to head over there. Vote for us and spread the word. Thank you you rock next week arm and leg my neighbor the healthcare Ninja Meredith. Bela wrote to me last year. She has survived for years and years as a type one diabetic often with no health insurance and never with a lot of income. She's learned how to work the system to get the help she needs and to make sure she doesn't pay more than she's supposed to. It hasn't been easy and it takes a a lot of time. But here's one thing figured out like there's only three things that you're fighting. You're looking for problems with competence problems with breathing problems with maliciousness and luckily most things are incompetence meredith's amazing story and more her secrets to navigating the cost of healthcare and maintaining your sanity. That's next time on an arm and a leg then daycare yourself. This episode was produced by me. Dan Weiss now our editor is an Heiferman are consulting managing producer. Is Daisy Rosario. Reo from music is by Dave winer and blue dot sessions. Adam Raimondo is our audio thanks this week to Stephanie Widows Wax Inspiring or maybe it's gently shaming me into finally starting to post transcripts of this show to our website. Her Baby Harry is deaf in one ear. She and her family are learning American sign language and she hosts transcripts up for show. Oh we can do it too. Starting with his arm and a leg show dot com slash transcripts. This season of an arm and leg is a co production with Kaiser Health News. That's a nonprofit news service about healthcare in America. It's an editorially independent program. Kaiser Family Foundation is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente big healthcare healthcare provider. The Sharon answer. That's this Guy Henry. J. Kaiser was what a lot of people used to call an industrials. He built ships. He made steel. He's melted aluminum. He poured a lot a lot of concrete just like a mid twentieth century. Elon Musk Henry. Kaiser died more than fifty years ago. The healthcare provider and the news named after him or offshoots of totally different little side projects. He created it's fun story. You can check it out at arm analog show dot com slash. Dan Weber is national editor for broadcast and Tanya English senior editor for broadcast innovation at Kaiser Holdings editorial liaisons to destroy finally. Thank you to some of our new backers on Patriot. I literally could not make this show without. Oh you pledge two bucks a month or more and you get a shoutout right here. Thanks this week to Ryan O'hare James Edward Johnson. Jill Stanton Becky Friedman Karen Ross Jason Comfort. Peggy Zabuski Trina Damn Graham Walters. Greg Herschel Debbie Lewis Rebecca Taylor Jeff Ernst Rachel Listener. Learn Lorne Kimmel Rob. Benny Patrick O'Connor Carol Fox Jessica Kayla Mike Hurley Adrian Vlach and K Ward. Thank you so much seeing seeing you come in and support. This show makes me feel so good. It's like slaved three pointers. This is a recommends. Every week we pick one of our favorite shows is and this is one. We think you're GONNA love when is walking into a bank not just walking into a bank finally four forty five. I got robbed this bank the score season one. The bank robber diaries gets you into the mind of one of California's most prolific bank robbers. Just terrified terrify. These people. Not only would they give me the cash they would give me. Their terror made me feel strong. Turns Out Robin Bank takes a lot more than just a plan or a gun the score the bank robber divers out now. A cast is home to the biggest podcast from the US and around the world subscribed to this show and hundreds more now via gas. Or wherever you get your podcasts..

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