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You. Know I mean, something like, that happens or you know even You know it it affects the ripple effect like. You said so it's kind of, you. Know. We, feel it, as a small business community as, you know just friends and all, that stuff, so good words I didn't know you're, gonna do, that Things like all. Day you know you've, been hearing, it and I mean everybody on the radio is kind of, just you know it's like you. Can't ignore it. You know almost want to compartmentalize it You want to, turn the TV off and, just kind, of you know just. Have some quiet time and you know we know all about, it's done, there's going to be more coming. Out in, the future and everything but It's not, going to go away in this focus was, the start of and that's one. Of the things I'm going to talk about tonight is in our, business Or are we in Ebeling terrorism. In our businesses and you know there's some things that come out that, have come out just today about this guy and I'm gonna try to pronounce his name But there's a lot there Don't care what you do when things like this happen or or things. In your life at Hetman. You start digging things up you start looking in the. In the in the closet skeletons in this guy in, his family, had long skeletons and there's there's been some things. That, have, come. Up, so oh yeah yeah well and You know there's a lot to talk about tonight. There's, a, lot. Going, on I think you hit the nail on head, you know we're about mama pops who about small businesses in the thing, is is that when that affects like it affected us. Almost four years ago it affected tire. Business in. Marin parks that you, can't you can't walk a, win from that you can't you can't shut down you know you want to but there's some. Things you can't shut down when you have businesses up and going and everything and I think. That, some of the things we want to, touch on in talk about tonight well I think, it means, something to like I think back on. Tom and that kind of You don't feel that I mean you kind of.

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