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By the time. Sam contacted contacted me. Things had changed for her pretty dramatically. After little less than a year in the movement she now wants to get out but I spent a lot of time trying to piece together exactly how she got to that point so it wasn't like there was some Hollywood moment where she just. The clouds parted and she realized that she had been racist all along. It was a process but there was one big turning point that set her on the road to getting out of the movement and that was when this group that she was in called entity Europa started helping to plan another big rally in Charlottesville Virginia. This was the big one that you've heard of the unite the right rally so every day as this rally got closer. Sam started to doubt more and more weather. This event was going to be a good idea. Plenty of of us. Were talking to each other saying like this is not going to end. Well there's just no way and that's that's not even accounting for opposition like that's just within the movement itself. We all knew that it was gonna it'd be a mess how could you tell The first rally was only don by e with invite like it was like an invite only thing basically and so all done under one roof So everyone shared the same column in vision of you know we're just GONNA go. We're GONNA protest this and then with unite rally. It was like we're going to invite literally everyone on the right and whoever shows up do whatever it is that you do. There was so much much at that point in two thousand seventeen without ball rolling of what the outright off right was and what it meant and people were breaking off and going into different factions and wanting to distance this is their selves from this group. Because they're too violent or they're too out in the open about their Nazism or whatever That no one was willing to like cooperate so she was having serious doubts about this alt-right demonstration but the other thing that was going on as she was in this new relationship hip Actually with the leader of identity Europa at the time and things in the relationship are going south pretty quickly they have been living together but when and she tries to break up with him repeatedly he essentially just refuses to leave her apartment lead. You know we're not sleeping in the same room we weren't like I. It did not appreciate this person at all If I had point blank said where done I'm don get out I could have been exposed. I could've been kicked out. You know this person had a lot of pull in a lot of He told me that he had ruined other people's lives. Now the way Sam tells it. Is that this guy is threatening to docks her meaning releasing her personal information online and that is a very powerful threat because even though a lot of people in it are willing to go to a public rally. They're still trying to mostly stay anonymous online like Sam. Am is not telling people in her family or her job that she's going around doing sieg Heil with Richard Spencer and she knows very well what happens to members of the outright after after they get. Yeah become a social pariah. Just absolutely become like your quarantining yourself if you if you get exposed so the day of the big CHARLOTTESVILLE rally comes along and Sam is still not really on board with the rally but she also has this guy living in her apartment threatening to expose her so she just says okay. I'm just GonNa sit this one out so she takes a work. Shift that day mm-hmm it was a weekend of street battles and start displays of racism. Exploding into a deadly act of domestic terror tonight we Liam Sammon so as all the chaos in Charlottesville is unfolding as a white supremacist named James. Alex fields is ramming his car into to a crowd of people ultimately killing heather. Hire one of the protesters.

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