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Back. I'm Jason with lot. He's Marcellus Wiley. We'll get into the NFL's roughing the passer controversy in a minute, but first you all know Marcella ze DAT do now. He's going to show us the best place from big guys around football. It's time for debt dudes dudes ourselves, which got got the best three plays out there from the big news of front does is in the trenches, they don't get enough love and attention. So we give love that dues dues. This start off what Arthur that dues do. Cow Williams, Buffalo Bills, go bills mafia. See Cal Williams off. The ball quickly gets to Kirk. Cousins runs right through Vikings lime and Mike Rimmer for the sack. Well, let's see right here. Look at the levers you see rumors you think that's a good bench, press five hundred Pounder, right? Got his arms extended everything, but because he's overextended that five hundred pounds quickly drops down to no wait at all. And look at car Williams. He realizes that in the moment slapsti- Rhys off them. Get skinny in the hole and gets to Kirk cousins right there. The Carlson, the limo for that. That was easy. Pickets number two debt dues dues go to Miami with the dolphins, Vincent Taylor. This is tailor made right here against the raiders. You see them go. Men gave Jackson guests the sec, but let's see how you get some first of all you gotta sit them down and when you sit them down Pete nice, gentleman, cinnamon the chair as you sit them into look at that anchor foot. Oh my God, Jason Whitlock at boss state right there. Next thing, you know when you got them sitting down and he's overextended. What are you hit them with the grab rip Sipple collegiate move and look at that angle right there. The protracted has to come out because that's where you get your explosion. And that's how you turn the corner with those angles, get to their car. Another sec rape relief, surprise it into a flag for hitting the quarterback in the NFL talking to you right now. And the number one debt do dude of the week is met I, this is Greek God of bull rush right here. You can see him gets. Rogers who had a more you watch this, he tries to Reggie White hump move. Pulls it off somewhat, but look at that angle hunter degrees and now Brian Balogh. Once again, second time he's been on that news. The victim gets caught on skates, and once you're skates is time to break out the Billy James Tana moonwalk brother because he's going to have you going back because he now he's in your chest and you are going backwards. Look at that lack of power in that position tying to send them to the scar because he's toast, get him about of here, please. Thank you very much. He's.

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