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The greatest where the early century yeah well apples probably gonna i wondered now at work bikers us going to windows on arm apple clearly has been thinking about this they've got these a eleven chips these very very fast arm based not they're not qualcom but there are murdoch's are aarp is still i would imagine uh intel's looking over at apple saying kyw's please please is interesting you know intel has ruled the congress are the pc industry for paternity and you know now that the pc has been kind of relegated to the smallest of the big digital platforms a and qualcom his coming in and taking it to potentially try to take them the mainstream part of this it's like we're getting dabbas of gun offered such decision who are bent what's left for these guys i've in which is a weird thing to say that they're the market leader of the night we are we gonna keep it in perspective um the the threat from apple is probably more significant to intel dan the windows one because apple is most would be the most likely entity to just say at were done and just go completely the other direction or you know 50 percent or ninety percent in one take there are already whereas at in the iphone and they really trying to guess until modems on it uh or actually though this the other way around they want to get the gal graham automotive yeah well burma never mind a feeling great modem business ahead of it those guys will abbott will play the two companies against each other yet has they indiana because a half do but eventually you get the from they want to be part that they want that to be them you know when they get there and i make everything via their they'll they'll kick anyone out no doubt about it so we are you surprised when a md strides on stage.

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