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Doesn't matter. It matters who counts. The votes about 200 people were in attendance. Absent a concession from President Trump, the projected president elect delivered a victory speech Saturday. From Delaware, Joe Biden said his first priority would be tackling covert 19 on that front. White House reporters got enough date this morning boxes. Griff Jenkins reports. We got our first major Biden transition team press release hitting our Inbox and 501 am announcing the President elect's Cove in 19 Advisory council that will be led by three people. Dr David Kessler. Hector Vivek Murthy and Dr Marcella Nunes Smith. Now Dr Mercy's name may sound familiar because President Obama named him to be the nation's top doctor in 2014, But President Trump relieved him shortly after taking over in 2017 and other members of the task force include Dr Celine Gounder Doctor Zika Manual, who you may recall in Dr Julie Morita. Griff Jenkins. Now check on Texas business sponsored by the Law Office of Nickname is Here's Spencer MacGowan from network radio boom and huge irony. Advisor says their covert 19 vaccine is 90% effective. And oh my God! Premarket trading the Dow looking forward to a post covert world up 1547 points. That's 5.5%, the NASDAQ barely moving the needle moving beyond the cove. It immune tech stocks and West Texas intermediate crewed up $4.15 a barrel. That is 41 29 0. My gosh, I'm Spencer Macallan President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com From the Rexall Use a W B 24 7 News desk. I'm Kim Lampkin. You're next update is at eight o'clock. 24 7 coverage at WGBH dot com. I play four quarters in order to get in the result. You want on the sidelines of great energy, Great passion. You see guys in that bar with his team in a man that was a fight. It was a grand way. We made them and everything. They, you know, they got Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver CD Lam after they come up short against the Steelers. At AT and T Stadium, which could have been Heinz Field with all the Pittsburgh fans who were in the stands Good morning from R W B AP Sports Scams ran into Cowboys team that wasn't happy about the way the season's going having lost her in a row being in AA. Big gun underdog for this game, but hanging on to a 1918 lead late before future Hall of Famer been Rafa's Berger was able to lead his team to the wind. They scored with only a couple minutes left. Went on to win 24 19 of loss of lost things going our way. You know, for for us, it's about battling. It's about finding a way, so we're on the right track, and we just got to keep digging Cowboys linebacker Daylan Smith. They seem to be getting better on that side of the ball. And the Dallas offense going with their third quarterback in the last three games. A lot of positives from Garrett Gilbert, giving the Cowboy's a chance to pull off the upset. You gotta give the cowboy's a lot of credit man. It really came to play in all three phases. Man. They were beaten us to the punch this star for coach and then playing They were on it. We were not But thankfully, man, we got a group there sticks together, Man, a group that's mentally tough in his able persevere, and I'm thankful for that. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has they improved? Eight? No. No Steelers team in the history of their franchise has been eight. No, but they are now well. Dallas slips to two and seven a week off before they travel to Minnesota player Vikings team. That's not very good. They're three and five that you check in sports and Steve Land Thiss afternoon to begin your d F W afternoon drive with Rick Roberts, now Mohr of the Morning News with Al J and Brian EST Ridge on news talking.

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