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Number three again. I've heard. It's a beautiful place. I want to live there in January, and Arbor, Michigan. Is AH, Number two Really Been there never contain thing about the local Sena and Fort Collins, Colorado checks in at number one there in the foothills of the Rockies. Show me places out West. I haven't been to states now. I will say so. I've never been the Idaho right, but meaning I one time I've had a couple of games out in Washington State, right, which is get together. You flying to Spokane and you drive like all the way across the state into a The police. What they call it anyway, I can remember but anyway, that the border of Ah of Idaho was like right there, and I made it a point to life. Detour and drive in the Idaho just so I could say I you could say you been. I've been Idaho and I jump quickly right back on and made their way across the states. I have no idea what the country is like out there. I mean, I assume it's all mountainous and stuff. Oh, Yeah, Everything's different Each kind of section But Washington state is God is beautiful. It's kind of wacky state but it Sze really beautiful. Rolling knows the pollution. They can't Also, I've well, I've always wanted to go. Teo Teo Seattle, but right now it's kind of a mess right in a war zone here and Ah and orig. I've never been to any of those states organs. Washington. Go to Portland right now, either I was going to say that's Ah, me ashamed That was once a beautiful says I have been a Portland I think Yeah. Shame. We check in with traffic now, Rob, what is going on? From the UC health traffic Center. You see health my mouse isn't working. Come on. There we go from the UC Health Traffic center in preferred cancer care lives. Better outcomes. Schedule your annual cancer screening with Jussi Health by calling 513475. 8000 well with besides accidents on my computer, there is an accident. South 75 out of Lachlan. It's got your left lane blocked in your heavy back to shepherd Lane eastbound to 75. Now an accident past 7 47. It's got two lanes blocked the vehicle hit the wall there, and a backup is forming as well. Another backup, Ronald Reagan, and at 71, an accident you're having back to Plainfield hunts exit. An accident westbound on the Ronald Reagan past Hamilton Avenue, a backup building their crews on the scene of accidents on Cool rain avenue to 75 round 52 old 50 to a new Richmond. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. The forecast from a 700 wlw weather Center for tonight. Clear Skies 44 4 Tomorrow mostly sunny and the high of 74. It is 69 now news radio 700 wlw. Welcome back to the well of willing North saw.

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