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Needed now. Attention to how men and women the ancient and the modern warrior and the peacemaker may seek to surprise to entertain and understand one another with Robert bly. Different ways dance together. Where William Blake imagined the city of art a place of constant interactive creation? Robert bly travels the world to make this real imagine blake with students followers worthy companions. Imagine Antonio Machado with his own school. Imagine Pablo Neruda and friends camping on the earth in early summer. Maybe Noah gathered all the animals into the Ark but Robert has sought to welcome multiple dimensions of the Human Psyche into one arc of conversation as the Feminine Become Stronger. What kinds of adjustment may be opportune in the male psyche? When Americans act more like siblings than like parents? What questions may help us to truly mature in a world war in an empire with commanders? Asleep the plight of the human what can citizens and poetry encourage do. We are very lucky to welcome Robert Bly to Oregon and to be part of this conversation with him somewhere in the back row. My father is signaling to night. We have poetry friendship courage and Robert. Bly I that image of their arc and strangely enough. I thought I'd begin with probably one of the most fattest people in the Ark and agreed sweetie. So thank you for inviting me here. And thank you for those lovely introductions nuder road all kinds of forms of his life and then later in after all the political he began to do odes to simple things can order rabbit killed on the road and old to suspenders and he did an old to my socks which I loved and read and translated. He and I read it together a number of times. So this is an Ode to my socks. And you're to think of of human beings who were able to love more and more simple things of the world motto. Mardi bought me a pair of socks which he needed herself with their own to Shepard's hands to suck as often as rabbit. I slipped my feed into them as the one to two cases of twilight and skin violence socks. My feet were to fish meat or wool. Too Long sharks see blue shot through my one golden thread to immense blackbirds two cannons. My feet were honored in this way by these heavenly socks. They were so handsome that for the first time. My feet seem to me. Unacceptable like too decrepit firemen firemen on worthy of that woven. Fire glowing sucks. Nevertheless I resisted the temptation to save them somewhere. Students collect fireflies as men collect sacred texts. I assisted the mad impulse to put them into a golden cage and give them each day birdseed.

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