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Pick it up all your time these days arsenal time yeah busy do you ever stop we can't do you ever thought yeah too much what do I get in trouble any somebody that you how creative types are they say if you're not creating the new usually self destructing are getting tattoos let me when's the last had to you guys ten ten years ago so the cowboy thing and people keep center you gonna get another one USA such kind of addictive I don't I don't feel like an internal I run a dunce here and you're here today because that finally all music south the whole record the we talked a couple months ago so it's a bunch of really cool covers and we'll plan I'm on our show a lot of them coming out there now I'm a play a little bit here of Tom Petty I won't back down the Ronnie Dunn doing it on a new record you go and here's a little bit of Eric Clapton's wonderful tonight as them by Ronnie Dunn this is a call and check this out like that could have been a Brooks and Dunn song I wonderful tonight you can you now at seven that feels like it's your song it is good to hear you say that because with all these you you're kind of of has a to take ownership it's it's hard because clapping known that song and was very personal I wrote about Patty and no dance lightly young man one of my little bit of brown eyed girl right here let's listen this will give us like a Ronnie this is at the song we know is is Van Morrison but this is you doing brown eyed girl here's a look.

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