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And rolling out in Austin James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio New this morning, Ah World Health Organization team concludes that the Corona virus is unlikely to have leaked from a Chinese laugh. And it's more likely to have jumped to humans from an animal. The announcement made this morning at the end of a visit by a W H o team investigating the possible origins of the virus in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. But WBC's Drew Mo Holland tells us not all are buying it. If switches Bill sergeant has taught science writing at Harvard University and Marine biology, he feels very strongly about how Cove it's started. It's always really been more likely that occurred from an accident doing what's called Gain of function research. That's a common thing. In fact, it's the standard test for flu and figuring out what the next flu will be. Basically, you take a virus. You put it into a ferret it mutates. You put it into another ferret, and it jumps from ferrets affair it, I think That's what was done, You know, successfully and then somebody made a mis take and they jacked themselves on the finger or the ferret, you know, wiggled or sneezed and that person got Kobe. But sergeant says over the course of this pandemic, everything's turned so political. The search for answers in Wuhan has and is a long process. Drew Mohammed WBC. Austin's news radio and the nation's capital. Today, the House continues to work on a nearly $2 trillion Cove in stimulus package. But for many, all that matters really is $15. The president's Cove in 19 relief package calls for $15 an hour minimum wage, though he admitted the chances of that are slim. My guess is it will not be the Independent Congressional Budget Office released a study yesterday on increasing minimum wage. It says the proposal would lift almost a million Americans out of poverty, but would also put about a million and a half out of work. Deborah Alpher owns CBS News Washington by the way that congressional Budget Office report also predicts that increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour would also dig a deeper hole for the federal deficit. By about $54 billion over the next decade..

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