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E. r. dot com dot com. Spelled period COM. So it's sheafs any picci's. All right. So Larry is on the chiefs. He's on the Jaguars Browns on the Browns and he's on the eagle. So I like those picks from Larry, putting them in the super contest right now and make sure you by Larry stock, do it. All right. Let's get to some segments by the way. Either our sales team is going to love the Larry's picks during the ads or they're going to absolutely hate it. I do not think there'll be a middle round. You're gonna love it. We're gonna get. We're gonna get an Email one way or the other tomorrow like that was amazing or you guys. Oh, seventeen new ass. Keep saying, love, love, love. No one. Could you know what I know? They're gonna love it because you can't fast forward. We'll give him pick. That's right. That's absolutely right. Okay, segments, first up, we had a new segment. It's called Jalen Ramsey said a thing. So Jalen Ramsey says a lot of things, but he said new thing today, and he said that he would hit his grandmother. She was on the football field out of respect for the game. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I love it to grandma would possess. Yeah, June Ramsey strikes me as a guy that has you don't learn to talk that good shit without having a grandmother that is probably very, very sweet until you step over the line. And then she just whips the shit out of you. Right. And she can shit talk. Yes, she absolutely can show you get hit with the person. It's not child abuse. Yes, Jalen Ramsey also I don't know if you guys saw this. It was a screen grab. I saw where the reporter asked Jalen Ramsey's defensive coordinator. What would you say if someone said rob gronkowski was overrated in the defense quarter said, I'd call that person crazy, and then they just said it Jalen Ramsey hugest like, well, okay. So maybe it's fun game. He's a little bit crazy. Yeah, but I mean, who wants to stain defensive back. That's the last thing you want us guy. That's b-actor overthinking. Thanks, that's. That's how you get burned on double routes. That's how you get full or dropping a pass thrown right to. Yes, you think too much about? I think to just catch. He's like, oh my God. I'm going to drop it to catchable actually catchable. Okay. We have a PR. One, a one for the Redskins what? What are the Redskins doomed our words they? So they took the step, they credit to that team because they've realized that everybody just hates them including their own fans. So they sent out an Email to season ticket holders asking for advice. They're crowd sourcing, and they said, how do we be a first class organization? How can we protect our brand and make it something that means integrity and means class to people. Good. Good question. Okay. I mean, listen, you're admitting that they are not those things. Yes, but that's. That's fine. And so they're asking for help and how to be classy, which is probably the most classic thing you can do. We're talking first class, like if we're looking at what you deal with with first class on an airplane, maybe give extra legroom to the seats that you have that are position directly behind giant Smith pillars. So you can stretch out a little bit when you're trying to not be able to watch the game, or we're gonna stick on seats. Maybe don't say every games sell out when it's very clear that half the stadiums MD to sell out. Yeah. Yeah. The The sellout sellout streak. streak continues remember that remember that like week seventeen game years ago when they're like to sell out street and it was the wide fish I camera from all the way up and there was maybe twenty percent of the stadium full. It was just a hug. It's just the guys wearing the dress. Yes, that counts though, maybe just move the team farther away from DC putting Delaware. There's a tax break. Dan cider could figure out by moving the team all the way to..

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