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We're not having day. Scofield on dade scofield's miss more than these been on the last month. I don't know what he's doing. I when moonlighting at the beehive as a c. Dancing he could. He's got the black g string. Oh my gosh okay. You know if. I've vice for inspiration. That's his whore. Why can't we use it. They've if i'm if i sports inspiration you right before the break us sparse inspiration in the you talked about your time at rothlisberger. We challenge each other as far as a god. Let's talk about preseason quarterback usage now. I think we can both agree. That mason rudolph is going to see. Let's let's talk about the hall of fame game. How you for a quarter you play mason for a quarter. Yeah you know what i actually think. Mason rudolph is probably going to get some preferential treatment. And they i feel like they know what they have in mason rudolph. He is going to get some time but for me. I think that they're gonna pay a lot of attention. Dwayne haskins in this preseason. So if i'm going to just if we're going to go ahead and rank the wraps in an actual games. I would probably say i would probably at this point. Go haskins the most followed by rudolf. Then dobbs in the ben. Okay so i wanna go a week. One let's go back to the original question. He didn't answer debates roughly a quarter. Oh yeah yeah. He plays a quarter in. You think who comes in next benz. Not playing if ben does not even. He's not even dressed. He's in street clothes. so mason. rudolph plays a quarter who comes in the second quarter. I'm actually going to say that the second quarter will be dobbs. Okay because because there's a pecking order you. They look. They're gonna look at tenure here too and it's going to be respect thing and that's something that they do but then haskins will probably play close to a half in the second half so you're saying dobbs get second quarter haskins get second half yes now. Here's where it gets interesting. Let's week to whether then plays or not doesn't matter we know as going to be the first one in does tomlin do what he did. When it was dobbs versus rudolph for the backup. That is switching. So you said dobbs was up after regarding week one week do do you think tomlin would go with haskins in then rudolph sorry dobbs. I'm confusing myself right. Absolutely think that. Okay i'm excited for this preseason. I can't believe i'm saying that. This is going to be fun. And i i have so much fun during the preseason because because of this job that we have here we who everybody is on this roster because there are so many times in may i remember. Let's go back to two thousand. Nineteen you and i en- dave. We were all over to czar skipper and duck. Hodges we knew who devlin hodges was as the minute he was signed because we even some of the right of up for sure and so we were just looking for stuff so we i still know that he went to samford. I still know all the records and everything that doug hodges did back then so it's fun to we need to be familiar with who these guys are and we're looking for certain guys in these preseason games now so i don't get bored in the fourth quarter of a game because i'm familiar with it and most people that don't know they know the stars doesn't mean that they're lesser fans. That's not what i'm saying. But most people that don't know the eighty ninth and ninetieth man on the roster and they have these unknowns coming in it doesn't mean as much but when you're when you're researching these guys and you seem come in. You're like all right. I wanna see this guy. Yeah i think also the fact that there was no please last year. And i said this a bunch i wanna see what antoine brooks junior can do. We saw him in bits and pieces. I wanna see what james fear does. Everyone's talking about him but he's played. What thirty five defensive snaps in the entire season is that enough. is that really a sample size. Everyone's i give pencil in but some people are saying. Put it in ted rate him ten. Starting cornerback come on now. Think about what you're saying. I want to see some of these players. Want us to do. And i'm going to be honest with you. Little teaser for my. Let's ride on friday. I did The surprise potential surprises and disappointments For the upcoming season in one of the disappointments was no shock. Justin lane but we haven't seen justin lane in. Just a lane has a perfect opportunity to step in and actually get some playing time. Who knows what boston's gonna do. My buddy lost in jane all right anyways. I have a question for you. Brian and this is a this is interesting. I put this on twitter rape before we went on the air and let me check the poll and you can follow me on twitter. Handle there on the screen. If you're not addressing an audio you can follow me. Add j hartman h. e. r. t. n. underscore p. I t. you can follow brian into gave his at bt se bad. So i have not hatch. You're just like those commercials or we hash tagging turn into your parents out mapquest directions every every time commercials on my kids and my wife is. That's you you need doctor. I know dr rick. I've i quit introducing myself the waitresses. I don't do that anymore. Because enshrine onto that cheesy guy funny. Oh my gosh So anyways i asked the question on twitter who to steeler fans hate the most heading into twenty twenty one. Okay so huge steeler fans hate the most heading into twenty twenty one it was the rest of the division ravens browns bengals or other. Now like i said this is literally enough for thirty s. About four hundred people voted. so far. Who would you say them before. I tell you what the tally is with. The actual poll on twitter Who would you say into coming into the season. This is not historical here. this is not all. I've always hated this team or this team history. Which no it's who do you hate the most going into this season brian. What are you have whether it's brown flush it down and eilly. I do have a policy now. My policy is. I will not mention his name. He's number six. And that's that's it numbers. Oh no i won't even now the only time. I'm to mention his name when i bring back my song. Cleveland sucks do cleveland rocks and i might change it to baker socks but i just i just cannot stand that guy the thing about the ravens and i am seeing george stacy lyn and kenneth and david and a lot of people say the ravens and i'm laughing because the only one that puts bengals on the screen is the bloke mark davidson. He.

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