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The big freeze we are on college campuses toxic masculinity we have to have classes on toxic masculinity we have to address toxic masculinity there is no such thing as toxic masculinity men are especially alpha's we are masculine we're proud to be masculine that doesn't mean that if you're a male you go and beat the living daylights out of some one out of a female that's not i'm sorry like harvey weinstein he's a scum bag he's not representative of most males of the majority of was ninety nine percent of men in this country and in this world but what they want to do is take young boys they want to take their malleable minds and turn them into feminized lemmings that's exactly what they want to do they want boys to lose any identification of their gender that is fact the feminist the national organization of women have gone too far by shame on the boy scouts of america for rolling over shame on ramble stevenson the ceo of at t and the chairman of the board of directors of the boy scouts shame on him in every member that voter unanimously to allow girls they have shown that what they act in fact what i would suggest is they need to go into the boy scouts and we're leadership skills because they're a bunch of giant panzi azwar sees in fact we ought to change the name of the boy scouts now we're letting women and why don't we change it to the pussy scouts the pussy cat scouts there you go much change that name sorry enough is enough with these feminists wouldn't it be nice if the boy scout said to the feminists the national organization of ugly women and i'm looking by the way it there's there there the national organization woman president oh my god talk about an ugly dane disastrous would it be nice if the board of the sheep keo and and all those exects at the boy scouts told the national organization of women we are at a organization founded four boys we will continue to be an organization for boys there are the girl scouts and apparel scouts would have happily joined the boy scout saying we believe in having separate groups shame on those was the five fails it is it is disgusting selection of gardez officers colombia so rocky bhutto's.

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