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We're talking about everything from trump to tech to wear the next election cycle is going I'm going to finish up in two things one book and the Elections Come You keep saying he's GonNa. Get re-elected. why? Well I mean just look at the data data dependent persons. Pennsylvania there's well remember midterms. President Obama. Let me use President Obama's own words. Mid Terms of twenty ten I got shellacked. He goes on to whenever a zone Ding reelection too short. Fifty three forty seven yeah. Yeah. No, he many crush them into. They'll go look in the electoral college vote for Obama in two thousand twelve believe me I was close to the situations. Reagan. Shall I when? I was four. I don't think so not in this country now with all these podcasts, people people walked in men. Back then yet uniformity depress you win forty nine states back then but on him and just studying the data going back to eighteen eighty, two today very hard to dislodge a sitting president a rising economy it's virtually not happened. The someone will push back and say, well, what about Lyndon Johnson economy was rising? He stepped out of the race because of the Vietnam War and the fear of Bobby Kennedy okay. But he if he stayed in the race people say maybe he wouldn't won reelection I'll see them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight, election. Aside from that. Go to eighteen, eighty, two today you don't. You don't get knocked out unless you got a big recession some dramatic thing president in every way different than airing so so. If you. This kid connor lamb. Okay. A gun toting a conservative conservative Democrat. If you told me that the Democrats we're going to pick a conservative Democrat. Conservative. Democrats not true. There have been in Pennsylvania you mean or I'm talking about the it's twenty twenty nomination. You're at the Democratic National Convention and the Democratic Party picks. A conservative Democrat or not they're not. Of course, not Then I think they have no chance to. deb No. You're not going to beat them. With because the American people are smart. They know that the left leaning strategies on the economy and things like that actually don't work. They liked the social progress. Someone you'd be nervous about against trump. you'd have to start naming people I tried to get down to Brazil to name them on the Bill Maher show. She wouldn't you have to start naming them. There's nobody that I've heard that can be trump nobody. He's a force of nature beyond anything. I very nice person I met her on on. Israel trip She's a elegant Nice Person. I don't think she can beat them I. Just one she doesn't have his name recognition and his force of his personality and. I think. Okay so bites Biden's interesting guys going to be mad at me now for this, right because I love Biden, a picture means Joe at the World Economic Forum because we were supporting gay rights globally. Okay and I was a big part of that with Chad Griffin. And I love for vice-president Bryan but Vice President Biden fumbles the ball upon contact. So he does, he did it in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight election. He did against Barack Obama in two thousand and eight He is a lovable guy from Scranton love him to death I have no problem with him as a human being he probably arguably make a good president. He's way smarter than People WanNa give him credit for but he fumbles the ball on contact you can't fumble the ball on CONTAC- this is the NFL. You're going in there. You're getting hit left and right? Okay. Then people will say, well, didn't you fumble the ball on contact I didn't even get a chance to get got steamroll before I can even get the ball you follow but maybe I would've probably not because I'm pretty good at debating right but but the vice president's Democratic candidate that can go up against him know if they were smart. They would they would say, okay listen we can't stand trump and yes, I know we were left than left now but if you want to beat this guy, we bring on some of the anti-trump or Republicans newly we we're going to do that we need to connor lamb like candidate to go after this guy. And you guys don't have one of those and my prediction and you immediately said they're never going to do that. If you had of those, you would reject him or her Indiana, Sheba history and. So. What about the midterm elections? Of GonNa to cost them going to cost them going to be tough. Now I said. A month ago that I thought that he could win to surprise of people. But after this election and watching the lack of political operation lock apparatus was deployed eighteen If you don't change that dramatically and we have to change that quickly because already in March and April going to be tough now say but he's got, he's got the economic elements to surprise people. The disposable income is up the economy's doing well with the right political organization, an apparatus. The House and Senate well, the probably goes. You'll probably move to impeach him. Yeah. But then you know you gotta you look they moved to impeach President Norton. Impeach them, and then you couldn't get a trial. The. Investigation hanging over it. More than money I've been and I've been wrong about. So many things I think he out of the molar investigation. Okay. I just maybe it'll be people in the periphery that are getting hit or. Even his family I don't know. I. Don't know I'm not close enough to it but I, think he comes out. Okay. Guys ever used e mail. Rarely uses the cell phone. He's I didn't see any collusion I'll maintain. The issues money laundering. Okay. Maybe that is I. Don't again. I wasn't there. So I can be in real estate and New York. Out Some I don't know you'd have to look into that maybe. Maybe they have some. Maybe they don't I don't know. My prediction is though he's the sitting president, it'll be hard to take them out. That's. Last question your book. Good. So your book was start we were we began what we it's about blue collar president. It's The. Working title you know Donald J. Trump junior called his father, the blue-collar billionaire. Yeah, and so. Said, the rich could was a blue collar billionaire. Nobody. was those that's the Because like he saw something that the other global elites didn't see a billionaire who likes the blue collar people right. He didn't. You couldn't see it. Let me tell you something. Okay and people who end blue collar today may not. Be Back, they may not. They may not like me for saying this. Okay. But I'M K with it. Now, I'm comfortable in my own skin, there were eighteen or twenty candidates on the field in two thousand sixteen. There were only two candidates that saw the economic desperation and duress. Bernard Sanders Donald J trump. The. Other guys didn't see it. I'm just telling you and by the way I the way I got my hand raised here you're looking at a guy that didn't see it because I spent thirty years of my life going up the economic spire of opportunity and class transcendence and I wanted to be rich I wanted to go to the World Economic Forum I wanted to talk to people like you. I, wanted to be on television I wanted to have financial independence and take care of my family, and so I was very driven and I started to. Push myself into the world of collective biases of the elites and I didn't see it. It wasn't until I started campaigning with the president. Then the candidate I said, Oh, my God. Oh my God steps talking to the people that I grew up with. These. Are The people I grew up with and my parents are insulated from these people because I'm paying for everything and you know making sure they're okay was the people I grew up with her having a rough time right now he sees it. He's a billionaire living in a tower near the tiffany store. He sees it and I am a doom cough. I did not see it right why didn't I see it because I'm tunneling myself in in the car I think let me finish the. blue-collar president means that he recognizes the economic duress and he's trying to implement policies to help them and thus far thirteen fourteen months into the economic data suggests that there are elements of what he's doing..

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