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I gotta see sly stallone in Rambo. I Rambo last blood ramp or decades after his first one right absolutely and yeah and call me jaded but the fact that I worked on several stallone on films he gets a little bit of an edge. They say this is the last chapter. Well we've heard that about a lot of things in now we may also be getting another Iraqi. Why not why not surprised at all of the films that are coming out? We're talking about God kids. There might be two or three and now there are some times ten movies in a week. Yeah well and do you remember when when we were growing. I've got a lot of years on you even But it was as you get a lot of foreign films as Matinees in the afternoon I saw some of the greatest French fantasy films Re doing all would grimm's fairy tales and that would be a Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the local General Settlements Theaters Plymouth meeting Pennsylvania and I would just sit sit there mesmerized and a you got to see all that now all of those films that we had the chance to see. We're running out of places places for them to be shown everything is going for. We've got a multiplex theater was sixteen theaters. But we've got the same movie on twelve of those theaters if not more. Yeah and it's sad so that when we do get a ton of these films another big one on the twentieth coming out a Brad Pitt Film. Tom Ad Astra from James Gray. Me More of the same weekend I corporate corporate. Es Corporate Animals is is that weekend also these are big and then the following week. This is the one that I think we've enjoyed the trailers for and they've been eking out. Oh Renee Zellweger Zellwegger as Judy Garland in Judy. And this one this is. This is a tough one. George this is a real tough one. I'm not sure hi feel about it a lot of the classic film fans the TCI groups everybody's kind of on the fence. We have to see it before. I think I really do. The trailer is Great. The costuming is phenomenal. You know the music we all all know that Renee Zellweger can sing. We all know that Judy Garland had issues. That's true so if you get to see her sing and get to see some of the struggle maybe maybe some people will understand. Judy Garland a little bit more. That didn't know a lot about her. And I think that if the film can can achieve that and get people out to see it so they can learn more are about her. I think that's a great thing. All see it because I want to see how they tell the story how they do this adaptation because it's based on the stage play into the rainbow looking at the trailer thinking. How does she not get an Oscar nomination from the trailer? That's I agree now on there's also so on September twenty seven a very special documentary that I have to make mention of one of my favorite publicists. This is it's it's very dear to Sylvia's heart you know Sylvia It is a documentary. Jim Allison breakthrough. Jim Allison was the two thousand. Eighteen Nobel prize is winner for discovering the immune system's role in defeating cancer. Heavy stuff. This is. It's heavy stuff kind of goes hand in hand with a Judy garland bio pick to With heavy stuff. But it's supposed to be inspiring very inspiring. Woody Harrelson narrates it. And I'm actually going to see it very shortly but the pieces I have seen of it. It's amazing and it is. It's not often we get to talk. Talk about documentaries but this is one that I hope everybody puts on their radar. Having you think people are going to be talking about this I do I really do. Because AH cancer is such at the forefront. I think almost every single one of us has had their lives touched by it in in one form or another so here here is somebody who's being celebrated for his work and how many people pay attention to Nobel Prize winners. They don't but they'll pay attention to the movies interesting. The power of the cinema right. Yeah absolutely on October. Fourth were in for an interesting movie that people have been waiting for. Just by using stills released of Jared Leto as the joke show jokers coming out. We haven't seen This character in a long time What are you hearing about this well? I'm hearing that Deniro is the must see the film. And he plays a talk show. He plays a talk show host which which is it is very fitting all the PR materials for their playing up the fact that he was in one thousand nine hundred ninety s king of Comedy Scorsese Film? Jerry Lewis I would have done it So I'm really curious to see how how this plays out We'll see but I think that there are some other stuff that weekend. How it's going to be received? I don't know we it's going to be received jokers GonNa win the week. Joker could win the weekend but then of course we've got the current warriors coming out but then it's it's been sitting around for a while. And that's that's the story of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. That doesn't have the sex appeal of J doesn't but you've got Tom how Holland Benedict cumberbatch Nicholas. Out and Michael Shannon good cass good cast and. Then we've got lucy in the sky that starting to get a lot of push right now with Natalie Portman playing an astronaut Um and that could be a counter for the female audience out there in terms of programming that we in in terms of of releasing that weekend. And we're talking with Debbie Lynn Elias. She's on twitter at movie. Sharp d you can also find twitter with bt L. Radio show that is transmitted all around the world people all around the world know this woman's name she's also one of the people who Ranks your movies on rotten tomatoes and to do that you have. I just see a lot of movies. You have to have a lot of experience. You have to prove yourself to be a worthy critic. Debbie little lies. Our guest is just that as we move into the the week of October eleventh. That's a Friday Gemini Man is coming out and that's will Smith and he's playing a dual role and people seem to love. Will Smith we so what happened with Aladdin recently and we just heard the announcement about Aladdin. And it's because of will Smith as Jeannie make so much money and there's going to be another one but now we're going to see a young will Smith and an older present day will smith so this is going to be interesting will Smith cloned Ingley is directing and pretty much. Do any angrily can do almost anything known to mankind. But the movie that I wasn't interested interested in seeing until I checked out the voice cast is the animated the addams family and that and now I'm curious to see it with the voicing surly there and tissue Yup Marissa's play again Finn Wolf Heart Heart as Huxley. This is his third film it. It'll be his third film in five. WEEKS SNOOP DOGG is playing cousin. Well the the big reason I wanna I wanna see it. Bette Midler as grandma you know. I was interesting because uncle fester is Nick Kroll but I wonder if the filmmakers thought about the key Coogan who was an actor and his grandfather aid now see that that would have been nice cast. A vote have been kind of cool just to see just to see that. And of course we've also got parasite opening that week. Let's just sounds scary. But it's Bong Jun Ho and that guy he is he is brilliant And it's it's a dark comedy horror So I think that one. It's further down down on the list. But I think it's worth seeing ends a Korean film and we've got You know there was just Kay Khan and his big thing of all things Korean and it seems like right now. In America there is a fascination truly is and of course you the go-to person for because I'm a fan of the BT 's fans. Because I told them a long time ago that if the Beatles were around today and they had that social media it would be bt US Army any oh the organization absolutely impressive. But there's no little film coming out on the eleventh that I wanNA make AAC mention of high strung free dance soap opera legend Michael Damian from the young and the restless. Yes my a lot of people. Don't realize that once Michael Left soaps. Michael Michael is a very very well known director. And he's saying but Michael Writer. Director Co writer is his wife. Janine Janine father all you trivia buffs was James Best on Dukes of Hazzard but he did a film a couple years ago. High Strung starring Jane Seymour. This is now a sequel. It is a dance delight. We've told me my Jane Seymour's back Jane Seymour is back This is where I am. Jane Seem I love Jane Seymour. Naughty and she can be sweet and I think that when Hollywood started giving here those opportunities we got to see a different side of. Yeah and we're we're going beyond You know the winds of war kind of mini series of the seventies now. Now we've got 'em beyond Dr Quinn. Were even though she and Joe. Lando still tease the fans. All the time. But there's so much legal wrangling with CBS. That they can't do reboot reboot of the show but they do cruises together for the doctor wind fans but you look at something with Jane Austen land which she is delicious delicious in and it is so what. You're not used to same with her character. In High Strung and now in the sequel high strung free dance or Tober Fifteenth Fifteenth. Jay and silent Bob Reboot. Hey Kevin Smith is bringing this back just hit God only knows I hear. It's good well while for the cat. You've got Chris Hemsworth their Damon. Joe Joe Manganiello Val kilmer and Val kilmer. This this I think will be a nice lead up to seeing val again next year in top gun maverick. So it's getting him back in front of the camera again. That's good so I think that for me. He is a reason to possibly see that film. It became kind of a cult. Hit after really dead. People I think new generations might WANNA see the the reboot too. So that's good and I think Kevin Smith has become kind of a hero of the comic world twos serving. He's got new fans over the years. So I kinda liked that as we move to the next week in eighteen we have a lot of films and to double tap. Well come on. What's not to love about Zombie land? corozzo Dawson isn't that one too. And she's another one. We're seeing quite a bit of this fall. But we've got woody Harrelson again. And of course you know what he the as we just mentioned the documentary breakthrough. Would he narrates that. Now we get to see woody as we love him. which is killing? ZOMBIES is in Zombie land to Abigail. Breslin is back and I always love seeing abby but we have another film on the opening that did well. The first time it's Malefic malefic mistress of evil so that has Angelina Jolie back in that world malefic again L. fannings back as Queen Aurora and now from Shell pfeiffer joins the fray this time these movies seemingly always do well. He knows how to do it right. They really do and people were reluctant. They they weren't sure how malefic was going to be received because we all knew the story of Aurora Asleep beauty but to turn it on its head head Intel malefic story and now we thought we saw everything with Melson and Aurora and everything was lovely and happy at the end of the movie a now now what happens what I like is that once upon a time Disney would take a movie like malefic sent and Malefic two would be released direct to video. Now now I think there. Maybe I don't know if it's the effort the time. The talent the scripts are. They're saying these are big screen film. I think I think that's a big part of it. Plus I think there's also people are craving it. This is not the kind of movie that you want to experience on a streaming platform which is where things that's the alternative initiative now to a DVD or BLU ray or VHS from back in the day Of course look in my house. It's still the day in my house but this is not the kind of film you WanNa see on a streaming platform for your first experience. Would you have wanted to see each of the avengers. Engineers move subsequent.

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