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Ground in real America? We'll be talking about that this sort of the of the left the fatal conceit as I used to talk about. In the meantime, by the way, I'm Andrew Langer sitting in for Laura Ingraham today. You have the phone number eight five five forty Laura you can also tweet at me. I will be getting to the tweets in a moment at Andrew underscore Langer on the Twitter machine, but we have gas. His name is Todd would he's a former air force pilot. He's a national security correspondent for the Washington Times. Emmy editor in chief of czar, ISM dot com. Got a lot of stuff. I wanna talk to to Todd about what let me let's start here. Todd. What do you make of these latest to fake bombs being found Clapper and Corey? Booker. What are your thoughts? Look, I always look at situations like this, basically and try to find out who is the benefactor of of these actions who who get something out of this. And you know, I I've heard the theories about Putin or China or something like that. But I I really just believe that at this point, the people who are getting the most out of this are the Democrats, the marxists the left, whatever you wanna call them. Because one day it takes it takes the focus off the caravan coming up short South America in addicts. It takes focus off the mob mentality that actually that agenda or program by the GOP and all the ads out had really been making a difference in the polls it moves. So they had to do something. That's what I think. No, it's it's, you know, I'm a firm believer in the concept of OXFAM's razor, which is that the simplest explanation is usually the most correct one. And so you know, that certainly is the kids. It's funny. We got this tweet from a guy named Tim Garnett's, Andrew, my guess is that the bomber is a. Bernie backer. Why else would they drag blabbermouth Schultz into this while Debbie was in charge of the DNC? She she about to use this word. She messed up Sanders big time. And it's interesting because Bernie Sanders seems to be the only democrat who has gotten one of these one of these fake bombs. What are your thoughts? Oh, that's an interesting point ahead and thought, but.

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