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Brad showed, came wax news time five oh six the forecast coming up at five o nine, as Saturday afternoon of swimming fun turns scary in Baldwin at about two thirty this afternoon Metros fire district received a call for a drowning of two people a thirty five year old. Female and a twelve year old female with the castle. What state park in the Merrimack river Mike team in. With metro west fires as firefighters, remained in rescue mode of this hour and have not yet transitioned into recovery mode we. Have cruise right now that are on the. Water we. Have dive operations with our people in the water we have a surface. Side scan sonar operations in place as well as canine operation Says firefighters were told, a bystander was able to successfully pull a third person out of the water no word on that person's age or condition Fenton man's trying to convince, mode to change the way it's going about replacing the Merrimack river bridge on I. Forty four Fred Kristen says the problem is a dam built to help set the peers for the new bridge which effectively blocks off about eighty percent of the rivers flow. When you choke a river it's going to back up. And it's going to flood the area in this case. North of the bridge quite a, bit more than what it's done in the past And that's on top of two major floods along the Merrimack in the past few. Years he says mode counters that a permit the obtained. From the army corps of engineers prevents them from taking any measures. That, would increase the chance of flooding a drive by shooting reported in. The forty one hundred block of natural bridge this afternoon happened around two twenty Saint, Saint Louis police say the victim was injured by a car's broken window glass and sought medical treatment Freberg police say a suspects, in custody for a mid January armed robbery at.

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